Monday, April 16, 2007

Johnny Rumble: The Military Industrial Complex Or The American Facination of Under-Funding What It Loves

There are certain people within the American culture that make the claim that the citizenry of the United States are absolutly in love and totally obsessed with having this huge military might that we possess. There are movies glorifing the military life style (Jar, In The Army Now) and the wars that are fought (Saving Private Ryan, Windtalkers, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket), games all about using military tactics (Medal Of Honor, America's Army, Rainbow Six), not to mention the absolute media control that is excerted within the Complex itself with all the major media outlets being owned or funded by compaines that provide weaponry and supplies to the Military.

If America's people are so in love with our military, then where are the new KC-X tankers that are needed? Or why are we only getting 189 F-22's to replace over 350 F-15's, not to mention pick up the slack of the retiring F-117's (2008), and gradual draw down of the F-16 until the JSF project is finally certified for front-line duty? Where are the new bombers to replace the aging B-52, which, might I add, all all crewed by avaitors younger than the plane itself? Why do members of the military (not to mention all the dependants) live in mold-infested, run down, out-dated housing that would only be fit for a projects in Oakland, CA? Here's another really good question...why are members of Congress (Congress, not the Pentagon, who abhord this idea totally) more C-17's to the fleet than are needed, and then forcing the Air Force to pay for planes they didn't want?

The public's facination with the Military is a sham at best and a farce at worst. The American people are in love with the IDEA of a totally modern military that will stomp shit all over the world, but when it comes time to acctually pay for the ideas, Congress and the people Ho-Hum about how there's not enough money to upgrade and modernize. In addition to only loving the idea, the public's only focus is upon the pointy end of the spear (i.e. The front line troops and front line aircraft), and never upon anything behind providing the thrust to make that point work (maintance crews, Store-keepers, Logistics).

America may love it's Military in idea and concept, but HATE the acctual product. Welcome to the future of flying 50 year old planes, and shooting 35 year old rifles. Our Military of the Future. Take a Bow.

Johnny Rumble

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