Saturday, April 07, 2007

Trav the Spazz:

alright ladies and Gentleman,

So I finally did it, I fucked up Loki(yeah i named my Laptop after a Norse god, since I thought I was doing something right, but I ended up having to re install XP) so bad trying to install Fedora Core 6 and of course I never made backups.

So recently I've delved into Linux and have tried two distros, Kubuntu and Opensuse. Kubuntu was fine, but at the time I didn't know that I could restart X (the GUI) when the OS restarted in a console mode. Silly noob that I was(and still am) I said the hell with it, and booted to windows and proceeded to download OpenSUSE 10.2. THis proceeded to work fine, but I couldn't get wireless to work, so I then reinstalled kubuntu, but Didn't like it as much as OpenSUSE. I wanted to try at least one more distro before I went to opensuse and had heard good things about fedora core6. So I proceeded to download that. Only it took the whole week to get to 97.5 % and the day before I got SH4 - a sub sim game which caused my laptop to overheat, and of course what happens when it guessed it it shuts down, and I bet you can even tell me what happens next. Yes the torrent stopped and no it didn't resume. Shitty opera widget- or more plausible, would be operator error.
So since all that work was wasted, I just went down to the bookstore to get a fedora core book with the OS attached. As I debated between two books, I met a dude named Bryce, who was nice enough to put up with my blundering questions and errors. We had a plesant conversation, exchanged email and so hopefully I can learn more about computers, since I really do find them Im regretting dropping that computer class I signed up for- but in all probablility it wouldn't have been alll that helpful, cos I know who to use word(mostly) it does what I need it to at this point. SO i got the fedora core 6 unleashed book , took it home and installed.
Now this is where the fun begins: I chose all the default options and it installed, tells me to take the dvd out and reboot. On reboot i get a GRUB error 22 and being the lazy bastard that I am, i just decided the hell with it and reinstalled XP from the recovery I meant to do this before I to college anyway, so It's not entirely bad, the music is all backed up on the iPod, so all is well. I'm afraid of installing FC6 until I know what I did to cause the GRUB error. and if I don't know what do to I can always just install Opensuse, i know at least that should work.
One of the tech guys at school recommended Free BSD, so now I may look at that too, I'm not sure I need more opinions...and currently the Fedora IRC chats aren't exactly nice, maybe its cos its 2:00 PM east coast time, possibly better reception at night...or I'm just a really ignorant chap who can't ask a question properly.

on another note my dad and I pushed His girlfriends beemer up the street cos it doesn't start, that was fun...

So now I'm gonna relax, and I've got to work on easter Sunday, how fucked up is that...I wasn't sceduled, but I just can't say no...I'm gonna fix that now...Ill still go in tommorow, but I'll be damned if I stay later then what I'm sceduled.

So now I've named my laptop Loki, cos Well, its a tricky son of a gun. and It's my laptop, so I'll do what I want...cos I said so....

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