Friday, May 25, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Metro City Violent

Violent affairs of the Stadium
Firm warfare abound
A tale of one such gang
The tales of the Metro City Violent
Manics of the Tulsa Union 11
Never missed a home match
Always for aways on the road
Where ever they roamed
Pub, hotel, inner-city railhead
Violent wantings never left thier side

Night after night
Match after match
Nothing brought them down
Or tore them apart
Top firm of the land
Metro City Violent

Stage was set, Match of the year
Union away, Dallas at home
Two top firms, Match of thier own
Electric air currents
Bottles and bricks
Just might be rockets and bombs
Two top firms, One huge rivalry
Water at the docks run red with hate
Battle at the pitch, Battle in the mind
Two Top Boys come face to face

Morning dawns night
Death brings life
Dallas Zulu and MCV
Ripping each other apart
We are the top firm
We are MC Violent

Borken pavement, Broken bone
Broken hearts, Fucked up homes
Out band of misfits
Fighting to protect thier pride
To protect thier lives
They refused to give up
There was no backing down
Somewhere between here and now
Who will go up, Who will crash down?
MCV battles on, One firm to keep real

Night after night
Match after match
Nothing brought then down
Or tore them apart
Top firm of the land
Metro City Violent

So I've been feeling the pinch to write something out. But unfortunatly, everytime I got home, I always blanked. Pissed me the hell off. So tonight, I did something different. I went down to The Brick (local coffeeshop), and banged my head against the table whilst drinking coffee, and finally got this out.

In other events, I'll be out of communication for something like 2 weeks. Heading down a vineyard to work and drink and work. I might get on and see what's shaking, but I'm thinking of trying to stay away from the computer for the time period. I wonder if I'll make it. Anyway, leave comments here, or shoot me a message on MySpace (there's a link on the side bar) if you want.


Johnny Rumble

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Johnny Rumble:

It's 12:02 in the morning on May 17th 2007.

I'm officially 20 years old.



Johnny Rumble

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Spirit Alive

It’s a long cold dusk
Violent cold air tears my face
Flying 70 miles an hour
Right foot is on the power
Miles of blacktop still left to conquer
Two lane country roads to nowhere
Baby, I’m on my own
My heater stopped keeping me warm

Driving into nothing
Destinations unknown
I drive ‘cause I can
I drive to keep the my spirit alive

Flashing headlights gone past
Tires still eating up the pavement
No plan in my head
Fast music on the radio
Heavy shifter in my palm
20 miles left to go
Another 400 after that
My foots on the gas, I’m heading home


It’s a long cold morning
Waking sun caresses my face
Flying 100 miles an hour
Right foot is on the power…


So many miles my motor has seen
So many sights my eyes have glanced
So many things about life I learned
So much more yet to do…

Johnny Rumble

Friday, May 04, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
How Many...

...magazines can a man read about customized automobiles (tuners and trucks are my affliction) without going apeshit on the fact that he cannot really do anything to customize his own car?

...times must I move between states until I acctually settle down?

...times a day do I dream about moving back the 405?

...times does my mood occolate between extremly happy and blissful to depression?

...minutes do I really love my car?

...pots of coffee were in that 10 shot Irish Mocha I had yesterday?

...friends do I have today?

...more days until I give up on Blogging about anything altogether?

(now for the 2 big ones)

...relationships can I fuck up on the cusp of being well and truly ready (as I'm 95% sure I am now) of acctually saying "I Love You?"

...moments do I have to convince myself that breaking it off in the end is the right thing to do without feeling really really emotionally abandoned?

Johnny Rumble

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
No F***ing Clue

Yep...the title says it all. I have no fucking clue what the hell i'm gonna write about. I need to write, I want to write, but about what I have zero idea. I can't whine like a little bitch about my life because that's a HUGE no no and ground rule bitching about life. Even though we, occastionally, do. Life sucks. Then you rot in the ground for all eternity. Or if your die in New Orleans, hurricanes come and cause your dead body to float down Main Street. Who...The Fuck...builds a goddamn city BELOW the water level. New Orleans is like a giant toliet that everyone and thier grandmother with diahrea has shit in. Lake Pontchartrain is the toliet tank. Suddenly, shit is everywhere, and people wonder why. Stupid. Ignorant. Fucks.

And then theres the assholes here in California. I vote that California is no longer allowed to give out drivers licences, because no body here can fucking drive. End of story. People can't make turns, can't change lanes, can't stay in lanes, and god forbid they allow somebody to make a lane change. Everybody fucking cuts off everybody. Makes me want to shove my size 12's down peoples throats...

Brittany...oh what about Brittany. Since I last talked to her last Thursday (the 26th of April), I've had no real desire to talk, see, smell, or have visions of her. I want to get an idea for what the future is going to hold in this relationship, but she REFUSES to even think about, all because she dosen't want to get all misty eyed about the whole thing. Better fucking now, than the day you fucking leave. In fact, I can see it now...she's driving away with her family, i'm standing in the drive way of thier old house, she turns, looks out the back window, intending to wave one final goodbye through her tear stained eyes, but i've already fucking left because i'm to goddamned choked up about the whole mess to do nothing but run the other fucking direction. So forgive me for trying to save my own heart from shattering into thousands of pieces again by attempting to have a road map to emotional stability. I'm sorry, but if this is too tough for you, then you should have rejected my kiss on the porch back in Feburary.

Fuck life, I'm too goddamn angry to live it with any kind of normalcy anyway. I'm angry about the pending move in July/August, I'm angry about my car being a piece of shit right now, I'm angry about love and Brittany, I'm angry about my entire family and all the sneaky subversive things they do to each other to manpulate the system, I'm angry about Capitol Hill, and I'm still goddamn angry about Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot, even though I think both of them need to die anyway. I'm nearly fucking 20, and my life is not where I envisioned it to be. Ricky Chu's got nothing on this angry white boy.

And Fuck Nazi's.

Johnny Rumble