Friday, May 04, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
How Many...

...magazines can a man read about customized automobiles (tuners and trucks are my affliction) without going apeshit on the fact that he cannot really do anything to customize his own car?

...times must I move between states until I acctually settle down?

...times a day do I dream about moving back the 405?

...times does my mood occolate between extremly happy and blissful to depression?

...minutes do I really love my car?

...pots of coffee were in that 10 shot Irish Mocha I had yesterday?

...friends do I have today?

...more days until I give up on Blogging about anything altogether?

(now for the 2 big ones)

...relationships can I fuck up on the cusp of being well and truly ready (as I'm 95% sure I am now) of acctually saying "I Love You?"

...moments do I have to convince myself that breaking it off in the end is the right thing to do without feeling really really emotionally abandoned?

Johnny Rumble


  1. whats the 405?

    and i sometimes measure my friends in terms of days too



  2. I'm with Sean. Somedays you have to count your friends in terms of days. it's pretty sick how they fluctuate.

    I'd say a little something about relationships, but having been in a few and realizing I have NO idea what they're about or how to go about being in one, I'd better take my hands off the keyboard before I make a total moron of myself. good luck with it all though.

    (and sometimes taking a blog break helps. just a thought.)