Monday, June 18, 2007

Trav the Spazz:
Casualties Army!, Time Again! A Global Threat!

First off the drive down was hell, all day in the car, with only two stops on the way; so we decided to start off at night next time. Mike and I got down to Va Beach, found the Peppermint Beach Club, and it seemed like a nice place, no scratch that, because it was nice, and they had a dude patting people down, which I hardily approve of. We saw the last local band, which was quite good and they played streams of whiskey(always a plus).

Mike and I got some merch,(tee shirts, belt buckle, and patches) and dropped it off at the car between sets. Time Again were cool, they were all hanging by their merch table, talked with them the we went off into the crowd. and during Time Again's set the bouncers were up close to the stage, keeping people from moshing and anyone crowd surfing was thrown out. some one was sent over, and like the good little helper I am I grabbed him, when the people next to me started dropping him, I grabbed more...ended up where I was about on the ground, and then I was out the door. Apparently the bouncers tossed me out for crowd surfing though I didn't do anything. I was allowed back in, to get mike(he left his phone in the car).

We went outside, and tried to get them to let me back in, when the bouncer who threw me out, was persuaded that maybe(since I was on the ground) didn't actually do anything after all, and we promised to stay away from the stage, we were let back in.

We get back in, and Time Again played Cold Concrete, which Mike and I laughed at considering the opening line. Daniel Dart, and the others were happy I was back inside, asked if I was alright, which was nice of them. Mike said they stopped playing as we were dragged out side.
One of the casualties said something, I think it was Rick- about how it was nice that they let me in. The bouncers were ass holes, and though there was not any more incidents, the place had a good feel to it, sans bouncers, or at least they could have learned what punks do at punk shows.
So much for common courtesy.

More bout the Casualties to follow later.



  1. Horray for being thrown least the bouncers were nice. Helped that you kept your head and your wits about you.

    The show sounded awesome.

    Johnny Rumble

  2. yeah and ifu by nice you mean not so overtly aggresive--that covers it, at least they weren't total assholes... yeah the show was kick ass