Saturday, June 30, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Home? Again?

I'm tired. Really tired. My face is about to fall onto this keyboard tired.

Don't get me wrong, I got a full nights sleep last night. Something on the range of 8 hours. So I'm not that kind of tired. I'm just tired of bullshit, stress, love and life in general.

As some of you may know already, my father is retiring from the military, and is currently seeking employment. There have been some interviews and query's from mulitiple companies from around the country and around the globe. Right now, I have no idea where the heck I'm going to be in 4 months. All I know is I get to leave California, and hopefully never return. So much about this place has pissed me off every damn day. Peoples driving habits, people's life habits, the Linda Wal-Mart (where every ignorant, drug using, ugly bitch goes to bitch at the understaffed cashiers), and how far everything related to my usual city life is so fucking far away. And yet...'s home. I've found a small group of friends that I can hang out with on a Thursday night. There's multiple drivers roads all with in a couple hours of here. The vineyard and Pert's in Shingle Springs. Yuba College (where I acctually did pretty damn good, all concidering), and the wide open fields of rice and bovine. I hate to say it, but this place is home.

I'm leaving here for a month. Kind of excited, and little apprehencive. Two weeks in Virginia Beach, moving in Miss Ataxia. She got a new phone yesterday when she got there. New area code and a different provider. When I found out, I sunk into a depression. Yeah, I agree it's pretty stupid thing to get worked up about, but her old phone number was the last thing that anchored her here, the last reminder that she was, for a fact, a resident of the same area that I reside is now. She seemed just a that little step closer than she really was. But no more. She's gone, and I'm left wondering what could have been.

Another two weeks plus in Michigan visiting relatives and going to anniversaries, and sitting on my ass, and moving shit around, and organizing our storage spaces. One chaoitc mess of boxes and people.

And then I come home and prepare to move to a new location with new people and new streets to conquer. Maryland, Florida, Southern California, of maybe even out of the States completely with the Republic of Korea.

My lifes a mess, I'm running around in circles and I want to get off the Marry-Go-Round.

Johnny Rumble


  1. move to oklahoma... then u can be surounded by wheat, old rednecks, and more bovine... o wait... thats redneckvill (El Reno) Oklahoma

  2. I vote for Maryland, but I don't think that ones going to work. So....FL. XD

    Or can move into the same room with my brother.

    And I'm sorry that it feels like I'm drifting away. I really really am. You know I love you, I miss you. And I can't wait till you get here.