Monday, June 18, 2007

Trav the Spazz:
Set List!

Mike and I get up to the left hand corner of the stage(from the crowds perspective) and we just watched the crew set up the ,casualties stuff which was cool enough and when they came out they had to go right past us, which I didn't foresee and thought way cool. The bouncers weren't all bad by this point and in fact there were plenty of punx on stage, it might have made security nervous and Rick and Jake Casualty appealed to the crowd- if the audiance kept off the stage the bouncers would stop obstructing the view; reasonable enough you say, but then Jorge goes and yells for a circle pit as they start the song riot.

Since Mike and I didn't want to annoy anyone we edged over to the left hand side of the stage where there was a railing, so we could still see the band. At the end of it Mike managed to get the set list from Jake Casualty, probably has it taped in the room...that reminds me I've got to put my Casualties' poster up(they gave them out when you bought stuff)

All in all the show was enjoyable, and the atmosphere(aside from security) was way way better then 9:30 club or any where else(ok maybe Jaxx is as cool, but we'll have to wait and see till another punk band comes around Jaxx again). I'd give the show a 10/10 with the ambiance and the unity really was great to see, that hey the whole unity thing isn't as much bullshit as you think.

Now if only I could learn how to play the fucking guitar already!!! non-obtainable summer project? YAY

Mike and I with Daniel Dart, of Time Again


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