Saturday, June 23, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Tons of new Sh*t

Oh where to start, where to start...

Loud Fusion finally got thier shit together I guess, because after fucking around with the music player for two weeks, all 58 songs I uploaded finally appeared. So theres new music over ----->. Take a listen, or fifty-eight.

I'll be leaving here on the 4th of July (firework displays form 30,000 feet should be interesting) to go unpack my girlfriend and her family into thier new home and slap some paint on the walls. I'm really really looking foward to that. And I'll finally get my damn Arby's fix. Fucking bastards put on all the way down in Sacramento, but still have the gall to air the commercials all the way up in Marysville. Damn you Arby's roast beef sandwich with all your beefy goodness.

Immediatly following that, I'll be flying back, and then turning around and driving to Michigan not two or three days later. Grandparents 50 wedding anniversary. Everyone has to be there. Including the Rumble boy. Damn. I'll be spending 10 days sitting on my ass in the middle of a farmer territory. This should be interesting. I'll definatly be wearing my bondage belt the whole time.

I'll be looking foward to moving away from here, even though I've kinda set up some sort of life. Possible outlooks? Maryland, Florida, Michigan, Southern California, and the Republic of Korea. Either way I've got to get my shit straight and get back to college studies. I'm thinking about going back to Michigan for my edumacation, but I'm definalty avoiding U of M. Damn them and thier screwing over of Military kids. I hope thier admin building goes up in a nuclear fireball.

Theres lots of little things, such as dead computer mice, annoying parents, annoying boss and job, but I'll absorb those things and turn into my usual anger and angst against the world and against California and its residents (Although some are cool. One-half of one-half of one-half of one percent.).

Johnny Rumble


  1. I'm glad that your music player is working now.

    YAY! I'm sure thats not all we will be doing and you know damn well. I'll make you help me figure my way around town. XD

    Please do wear your bondage belt the whole time. I can't have to turning into one of them.

    I'm hoping your dad gets a job on the east coast...or michigan. Cause than you'll be closer.

    Stupid dead comp mice and such. Just wait till your vacation from all those things!

  2. ECFU dude the coast kinda sucks but its like anywhere, what you make of it? but Radford was nice, I'm looking forward to it.. gotta hit up some shows, there's bound to be around

  3. don't come back here for your education. seriously. just don't. not worth it at all.

    but if you insist...I guess there's always Grand Valley. my friend turned down a damn-near full-ride to Illinois Institute of Tech. to go to GVSU. It's literally down the street from my house, which is quite sad.

    ...oh, wait, GV is like $30 grand to out of staters. I forget that a lot (sorry). (what. the. hell.)

    anyway, any place in Michigan pretty much sucks. don't come here to get learned well.

    ...all this coming from the kid going to U of M in the fall...