Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Okay so let's see here. I'm sitting at school and should be doing homework, but I'm not. I just have to confess something and I think i might be braking a rule here or something... but I have to confess.... I AM TOTALLY BOY CRAZY...... i can't help it..... i need to be slapped. I just can't concentrate.

But now back to what I came here for. So I have an apartment...... it's pretty exciting, closer we get to sign in/ move in day the more excited I get. But I have come to a realization about all this. I'm no longer a kid, I have to pay bills... "yuck" and I will be fully responsible for all my actions and what I do. No one will be there to tell me when and where to do things.

I just do not see why everyone gets so excited about moving out right out of high school. Why? I understand to a point but it really is not that cool. But I wish people would stop bugging me about this one question. Whens the Party? Hell if i fucking know. We have to start college the fallowing Monday so i do not think there will be any for a great while, or until were completely moved in. And if my roommate is cool with it.

But other then that I am totally excited about all of this. I am really excited about starting a new school and making new Friends. I just wish I could have certain people back in my life that I could share all this with. I really do miss the people in my life that were closest to me. I really miss them even tho me and them sometimes didn't always see eye to eye or because they moved.

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  1. Yeah...moving sucks some hardcore turtle testicles. But in the process, you gain lots and lots maturity for the troubles.

    So when is the party?

    Johnny Rumble