Monday, July 23, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Greatest Treasure

The times we spent here
Poking our eyes over the grass
Spotting the vanishing lights
Spotted something of mass
The runway closed for the night
Our time spent alone
Never to many to bother us
We never wanted to go home
Out love grew that night
Spent peeking above the long grass
Watching the world go home
Go home to thier lad or lass

As I look into the stars
See them sparkle in the sky (somewhere behind his blue eyes)
My soul connects with hers
I feel better all the time (he feels her love inside)

Somewhere we'd always be
Away from prying eye
Up on hilltop, behind large rocks
Always had a new lie
Our shoes stopped pounding ground
Ready for her parents
Never believe we got around
Like it was never really apparent
Our nights never ended together
We always went our seperate ways
Oh just to have that one night alone
One night alone, spent down at the bay


To say that love is the greatest earthly treasure
That any one person can have
Would be an immense understatement
For it's greatest treasure anyone, at anytime
That can be blessed upon your soul

Chorus x3:

Johnny Rumble

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