Thursday, July 26, 2007

my milestone

So.... I just finished my last English class of my life today and here is the final English paper i will ever have to write in college... yes i know there will be other papers to write... but this is English... not history or any other class...

Here is a paper I wrote about midnight last night, its not the best I have ever done but it's my new favorite movie. So I thought i would share it with ya'all.

By: Katlynn W.
Many great life saving, love stories come from the wide ranged adventures of WWII. In the movie “Everything Is Illuminated” by director Live Schreiber, was a story of a young man who was saved by a woman whose grandson receives a picture with a matching necklace pendent as collectibles makes him want to investigate the story behind the picture. The movie is split up into chapters. Each chapter has a different adventure. In every chapter and adventure something new happens, the characters, memories of the past, meets new people, and what happened. Jonathan the grandson of the man in the photo takes a trip to the Ukraine to find the answers he needs. Threw meeting new people and journeys he finds a little more about his self every time.
The story starts out panning across this wall full of items he has collected threw out the years. The first character the viewer meets is his grandmother, she is lying on her death bed and she gives him a picture of his grandfather. This picture really makes him want to investigate it. The next character that the viewers are introduced to is his grandfather of which he just completely adores. Before he dies he receives a yellow stone with a bug in it from him. This stone was the sole item that started his obsession with collecting oddball items.
In chapter one while standing next to his grandmother he asks the question “ who is the lady in the picture?”, she reply’s with “Augustine.” From then on it strikes him to really figure out who this Augustine lady is. When he stares closer at the picture he realizes that the yellow stone his grandfather gave him is the one that is on the lady in the pictures necklace. This interreges him and he fly’s to Ukraine to find out more details.
While in chapter two it opens up in the setting of this chapter is mainly the Turns family. When the view first meets this family they are eating dinner. In this family the important characters are Grandpa, Alex, and the eye seeing bitch dog. When Alex describes himself, he described him self as “extremely tall, only lesbians are taller then me, I love American movies, African Americans, and is an extremely good dancer.” When Jonathan is looking for some one to show him around the Ukraine to inquire about this picture he finds Alex and his Grandpa to do this for him but he never thought that they would know anything about it. They all meet at the train station, and when Jonathan gets of the train he is greeted by Alex and a band playing the national anthem for the USA where Jonathan is from. When they get back to the car to meet up with grandpa and the dog Jonathan makes the comment “I’m deathly scared of dogs.” But later during the movie he conquers his fear of dogs and it helps him with his self-esteem. Later that night they finally reach the hotel where they will be staying at. When they sit down to eat dinner at the hotel two main events happen. He first tells them that he is vegetarian and won’t eat meat then they ask will u eat “chicken, fish, or even sausage?” then he reply’s with “no.” This could be used as a foreshadowing for later on down the line when they meet the lady who knows something about the photo. When Jonathan shows the picture to grandpa he has an emotional reaction to the picture but is not clear about his feelings to the picture. When Alex and Grandpa go to bed Grandpa makes the comment “Jonathan seems like a really good kid, maybe we should help him.”
In chapter three we learn more about the photo. Grandpa says that the lady’s name is Augustine and Jonathan is just thrilled to know that he knows her name as well. He then asks him to show him where she lives which is in Trachimbrod, and where it is at. In this chapter of the movie Grandpa has a flash back when they stop on the side of the road of an old WWII memories he had, all the viewer finds out from this flash backs is that he or someone he knows is Jewish and was caught but the Germans, but buy the end Alex comes running up to say that they have ran out of gas. She welcomes all of them into her home. They soon find out she collects things, and is a vegetarian just like Jonathan. All three ask her the same question “Are you alone?” she replies quickly with “No.” The reasoning behind this is because she has all of them, and points to the boxes she collects stuff in. The viewers then realize through pictures who is who is who is related to who. Augustine is this lady’s sister, her sister was married and expecting a child with the man in the photo, the man in the photo is Jonathan’s Grandfather, and Augustine’s sister saved her brother. A week after Jonathan’s Grandfather left for America his wife was shot and killed by German officers for being Jewish. The lady takes them down to the river and it is night when they get there. This is the site where Jonathan’s Grandfather’s wife was killed. Here is where Jonathan collects three bags of gravel from the river. Later that night when they get back to the hotel Jonathan gives him a bag of gravel, and also later that night Alex’s Grandfather deiced to kill him self in the tub.
From photographs people can tell a lot about the people in the picture. In this picture Jonathan learned how complicated life was in the war not only for his grandfather but for the people living in that time. Threw the chapters the characters grow to love each other and depend on each other. But the over all theme and conclusion of this story is one never knows what they truly love in there life till that person or thing is gone forever.
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  1. i havent read or seen Everything Is Illuminated, (no reason, i should probably get on that) but i do love WWII things.

    my motto is: take the hardest and baddest dude you know, and he doesnt have shit on even one of the guys that served in WWII