Friday, July 06, 2007

Trav the Spazz:
Oi Oi!

England is cool, everything is great, the food rocks and my family is in to football, so my releatives and I talk over the merits of the England Team, and USA as well.

So Since the other day was Independence day for me, and I could drink, I had several people buy me beer, seems like I got quite messed up, but nothing do bad, the room wasn't spinning, not that bad, but its the worst off I've been- not that I've much experiance. The museaums are all quite good.

I'm gonna try to go to the Stadium since there was a shop that had the Hull City Away top, for £20 which is $40- quite reasonable when the home top was probably around $100 so if I can get that I'll be happy. Before I go back I want to get a pint glass, and a patch, that says yorkshire.

So at some point when I get back home I'll be posting all the pictures since I'm using my Uncle's computer in his shop.


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