Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Johnny Rumble:

Saturday's come, football day is here
Today becomes a fresh start
New days on the line, reputation out in front
Lads at the pub liquor'd up on drinks
Two beers down with another 3 pints to drink

Soccer Hooligan, Football Warrior
Pipes and bricks may break your bones
But your reputation will stand forever

A fluid mass of muscles and mindsets
"Onward to victory!" chanting in the stadium
The firms pumped and ready of action
Cockney goals only feed our frenzy
Then down at the docks we'll fuck you up


Tangled masses of Stone Island, Burberry.
Flying boots, and crossed braces.
Swinging fists, hurled bottles, fights to last lifetimes
Pools of blood and a royal fuck up
Chavs going down to greet the boatman tonight


Beaten, bloody, bruised, the firms rep intact
Back to the abbey to have a few brews
Football Warrior, you survive tonight...


Johnny Rumble

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