Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ha Bloody Ha

Yep, summer of my Highshcool graduation is coming to a close. Not like I really did much, went to England, got drunk, went to Canada(no drinking), came home and started packing. In ten days I report down to Radford University, to start my next big adventure--- Life, or the bit known as University.

Oddly enough I'm looking forward to it. I can be on my own, and away from my sister. In between the learning process, I can talk to my cousins in England and watch football, plus all my other mates.

Oh, and hear are my ideas on the EPL: Chelsea or Liverpool to win the League with Man Utd in 3rd. Derby and Sunderland for the drop down to Championship, and West Ham too if they do get rid of Tevez. Sorry John.

Hopefully Hull Finishes the Championship at 10th place.



  1. Ass. West Ham is going all the way to Europe!

    Besides...how many other teams do you know of that beat both Man U and Arsenal? Twice? In one season?

    Johnny Rumble

  2. Oddly enough, that last bit was true, and opening day today they were shite, well less shite...but c'mon against Sven as a manager? Hammers had no chance. Guy barely seemed to know his players and still they played well, solid looking, but Bellamy should be good, he looked problematic. Not as attacking as they might have been, but mediocre when all was done.