Saturday, August 11, 2007

Football Day

L I V E R P O O L F. C.
Villa looses at home. an own goal ~36 minutes into it. What luck, and they gave up possession for far too long,and Carragher should not have had the penalty against him. Bad luck that, he was just turning to run on the ball and it caught his arm.

BUT: STEVIE G's KICK, oh what a lovely kick it was. ABSOLUTELY CLASS. LOVELY KICK

C 'M O N Y O U H U L L

Hull seemed to have an alright game, a game they needed to (and should have)won. They should have taken the chances that they got. They must improve by next week. It is of course nice to see that they were able to bang away 2 goals, less so that they let in three...what was Myhill doing?


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