Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bloody Hell this took to long to write.

Travis Arnold
26 August 2007UNI. 100

So as seeing this is assignment was confusing and I tried many ways of going around, I tried a letter, I tried stream of consciousness and the best I could come up was this interview format. Hopefully this does justice to the assignment and myself too.

“Mr. Arnold, why don't you start today by describing yourself. Then we can go from there.”

“So in eighteen years on this planet there are few things that I am sure of. I can count on my family and close friends. I can say for certain that I am special, I'd have to be to survive. How many people do you know who were born three months premature? By the time I was thirteen years old my medical file was more extensive then the average healthy male. Childhood was normal in the classroom and on the playing field, Well except for getting picked on.”

“Picked on, when you say picked on do you mean verbal abuse, taunting its ilk, or physical? Punching and kicking?

“Verbally, there was never any beating thrown around, not in school at least in regards to me. In the neighborhood, that was different. As we got older once every couple of weeks, Josh and I would thrown down in his yard. It would start by slinging our book bags at each other. Then progress to grappling with each other, more wrestling then anything else. It stopped if blood was drawn, more to keep it contained at scratches. It never escalated, yet with in that, it did get bad. Well if by bad we were all tired and annoyed at each other.

“So it was just scrapes after school to blow off steam?”

“Correct. We all hung around, but Rob was two years ahead, starting to drift apart going on dates. Which we thought was funny, stupid but funny. Yeah and now look at us all. Ah to be young, young with video games. Seemed like all we did, video games and football. One year there was street hockey, but nah didn't last more then a summer.”

“Did you enjoy playing?”

“I was the kid who everyone lets play, because he was your friend. How do you think I felt? But did I have fun? Duh, who doesn't like running to some degree. I'll be the first to tell though, that I sucked. Absolutely rubbish. Given the ball, and told to run. Just another game of keep away. It sucked, I hated keep away. No one else ever lost the ball, it was always me. Make me run around and have a laugh.”

“Travis, would you say that you were happy?”

“Definitely happy, with out a doubt. This cynicism has only really come about since my parents divorce.-”

“Your parents are separated? How does that make you feel”

“Divorced.....duh, did I stutter? I said divorced did I not. And Dad got remarried a couple of months ago. Of course to say that everything was peachy would be a lie. I had to work very hard in most subjects, multiplication comes to mind- I was two weeks behind the class in learning my times tables, and you could forget division. My teacher would give me special assignments, until I got comfortable, and once I would get up to speed, money I was money. It still troubles me though, which does wonders for my confidence.

What about your friends? Did you ever had trouble there?

“I also had a hard time keeping friends. If I'm no good at sports, that pretty much means I'm screwed in the friend department. Actually let me back up, since I also had a problem meeting people in the first place. I'm relatively shy, which is not my outward appearance: one of singing and boisterous noise. Yet for all the singing I do, it hides the fact that I don't want to open up to people or even deal with people, unless I have throughly vetted them out and I like them.”
“Honestly I could not tell you when someone passes the test, or even what the test is, only that it is when I feel comfortable around them. I tend to not make many friends, or want to go out and meet people. Once I find my friends I tend to be very loyal. I had no problem driving at midnight to pick my friend up from a party; yes I was mad, but of course I would never be able to live with myself if something were to happen to him. What else is there to do? To me it was a clear cut choice.”

“Thank you for the long summary. Now I would like us to digress a bit. What are you interests? Do you like sports, play any?”

“I enjoy soccer, or as a good chunk calls it, football. I'm passionate about that. Love watching it at home, and am gutted that there is no place here that I can watch the matches. The only recourse is to to get on skype and talk to family, get updates. The skysports score centre on the Internet is useful beyond mention.”

“what soccer teams do you support then? Do you have a favorite one? Or can you not decide?”
“I support Hull City AFC, the mighty Tigers, as well as Liverpool FC. Chelsea is a close second. All three are teams in England with City playing in the Championship division(one lower then the top), Liverpool and Chelsea in the top division, Premier League. The 07/08 season started three weeks ago. Liverpool have gotten off to a good start, lying third in the table, and Chelsea is on top, with Manchester United in the middle, far off the top. What is possibly the best news is that City won 2-1 at home yesterday. Yeah tells you a lot doesn't it that last sentence? That I procrastinate yes. Thats the surface. Other then that I had a huge amount of writers block, been at my computer almost the whole day.”

“Just got up form a nap actually. Thats when the writers block broke, and I've been pecking away at the computer. Sports, you wanted to know about sports. Other then soccer I don't follow much, my fried is a Red Sox fan, so if They're playing I'll keep an ear tuned to that so I can talk to him about it. Baseball doesn't do much for me though.”

“As for playing sports, well thats kind of hard to do when your lungs don't work as advertised. Its not like you can send 'em back to the shop to get a new set. Even if you could, its not the pair, just one. Since I was born premature, they both formed but one struggles a bit, not as developed in capacity as I should. Plus I think there is some medical name wrong with them that I could never be bothered to learn about. Nothing serious, just keeps me from running a lot. I do enjoy a good informal five a side set up, now and again. Really though, I'm rubbish, no one would ever probably pick me. I just enjoy it, and really what else is there?”

“Is there anything else you think would be pursuant to our session? Else we can stop for the day and continue this at the next session?”

“Yeah I want to talk about music. How that can help unify people, and introduce people to each other, who wouldn't normally meet. I am open to music, but I really like punk. I'm a fan of the Casualties, along with hardcore punk band the Unseen. I enjoy singing and have no problem singing walking to class, or at any other time for that matter. Why should I not express myself, yeah I'll shut up during tests, or on planes, studying too Other then that no, I think we can be done for the day. I figure within the next couple of weeks there will be plenty of brain picking and questions galore.

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