Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yes John, I'm still here, now I got my exams back...pretty damn good too.

Intro to religon 16.5/18
Cultural anthropolgy 80/100 but I lucked out. Thank God for multiple choice
History before 1650: 91/100

So my mom came down this weekend, that was nice, and I went home last weekend. THen parents weekend is 7 October, so I'll see my dad, yay.

OH yeah Mike actually gets his license soon, so he can come down too.

I'm socializing breaking out of my stupid shell- ok well mostly


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
News On The War On Homelessness

I'm going to the hospital on Monday. There's a lump on my wrist from when I wrapped it around an I-Beam in Somerset. I think it's just a pocket of puss that needs to be drained out.

Oh...and I'm coughing again. I remember the time it took something on the order of 2 months to get over a cold or flu or whatever it was. That was fun. Ataxia kept beating the snot out of me for not going to the doctor to get checked out.

We found a home finally. After 70+ homes looked at and what seems like months of searching, we finally found one and put out signatures near the X's. Centex Homes rocked. Especially the Centex Agent there, Mr. Stock. He flat out rocked my face off with his deft maneuvering around his own bosses to get us in our house. He's a rock god among agents.

Morrison Homes, on the other hand, pretty much sucked a long hard one when it came to what we wanted. The agent there was clearly on our side on the debacle, so no ill will toward him. But the builder flat out refused to work with our demands and our desires. That and he fucked around with the house beyond the scope of the original plans.

Anyway...we take possession of our house in late December. I honestly can't wait till then, because that's when Ataxia is supposed to come out and visit.

Right now I'm sitting in the Beale AFB Library using thier computers because we don't have internet access from our rental house. And it sucks. That's why there hasn't been any posting on here since the 16th. Eh. Whatever. So he site goes dormanit until about January. Travis should still be on here somewhere keeping up with the events of the East Coast, but he's got college and all the assossicated crap with that.

I think I've decided on a couple of new clothing projects for myself. One is going to be a patch work kilt, so that should be quite an interesting article.

The second is much more contrivesial. A motorcycle style jacket (black or white leather) with 3801+ little crosses on the back framed by the words, "IRAQ; How Many More?" On the front will be the lyrics to Street Dogs song, "Final Transmission" on the left and The Pogues song, "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" on the right. I'll prolay leave the sleeves blank. All of this will be done in white and black paint. Any constructive idea's? This is particualar project I'm still one the fence about considering the overall cost in time and money it would take to complete, but it's a definate possibility.

Johnny Rumble

Saturday, September 15, 2007

College Update

So lets see, what do you care about?
*School: Lessons are going well, having to struggle a bit to stay focused, but today I made progress..I tried writing some of my history essay, and got a third of the way done. I figure half, of it to 2/3 can be slogged through tomorrow. See I don't just watch Footy on Saturday.

*Going Out: Still not done it, I don't feel comfortable out and about by myself..Maybe I'll do it when Mike and the boys come up.

*Social Life: This being different then 'Going Out' and I would like to say that yes I have a social life. Admittedly not the best, otherwise I wouldn't be here at 10:09 on a Saturday night. Yet I didn't feel good today so def not going out.

*Not acting like a dork: unfortunately I have bad news to report on this front. Actually it's good news in that I finally figured out something. Sort of profound coming from me. Not allowing myself to be uncomfortable. Granted this is in context, if I was somewhere crazy then duh uncomfortable is a good thing.

I'm referring to stupid normal things. Like going out to a movie with people I only met the week before. Past Me would have gone, nah I'll pass thanks. Instead I went, movie was alright, and then had a nice time out and about; instead or sitting in my room sleeping.

*Homesick: Yes sort of, not so much for the physical space, mainly cos I like my dorm room fine. What I'm missing is people. Family friends. Oddly enough I miss talking to my cousin in England. I've grown used to talking to them every couple of days, and if they don't get on I start wigging out. Seriously- I mean I can call my Dad, Mom, sister, grandparents, but the only way I can talk to anyone in England is skype. I like how I can talk to them all, lee, Maria, and the kids without anyone pestering me too much. I mean they'll ask how lessons go, and then we talk, generally about England, and their chance for qualifying for Euro 2008. Not that I don't enjoy talking to my parents and such, but I feel pressured to talk about stuff, which is annoying because I shouldn't feel so pressured.

So yeah I'll post another update when I get my Exam results back.


Johnny Rumble:
Picking A Fight

I was in my favorite spot. Lying on the cold hard concrete of the garage floor. Tucking myself under my car, I was trying to get a Mitsubishi 4G63 stuffed under the hood my Chevy Cavalier. And for the triple dose of insanity, the aim was also to retrofit the All Wheel Drive system under the J-Body as well. This whole build has been nothing but a pain in the ass, but I was able to pull it off, it would put all the Honda-heads and Toyota-geeks to shame.

But I gotta tell you, I hate working on this J-body. Makes me long for the days of working on my Saturn. Give me a set of wrenchs and a ratchets, and within the day, I can take any Saturn right down to the space frame. So easy and uncomplicated. J-Bodys? Fuck them.

So why was I flat on my back, working on the one platform I despised? To shut the traps of all the nay-sayers. It was different. And it was difficult. That's why.

But right now, trying to fit these Driveshaft Shop half shafts was really causing me to have an aneurysm. Nothing was fitting properly, bolts weren't sliding in, and pins were misaligned. My hands were filthy, as they should be, and were aching from holding objects. Not to mention all the times I've hit my head on the frame rails multiple times.

snap, clunk, bang

I lied there clutching my face and pounding my fist on the cement. The half-shaft popped out of the transmission and, almost comidically, in pure slow motion, I watched it come falling down on to my face. I was really angry now.

I hadn't been in a good fight in quite a while. I needed it. Verbal, phsyical, any fight would do. I needed a good fight. The fight and whatever consquences that came with it. I dropped my tools and crawled out from under the car. Grasping the towel, I wiped the blood from my face and felt around for the cut. I pulled off my shirt, pressed it to my bleeding skin, went in the house, and looked to pick a fight with my wife.

Johnny Rumble

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Johnny Rumble:

It was Thursday. The smell of the coffee I couldn't drink obliterated all my other sences. That and the fresh smell of burning tobacco. The women I was with smoked. Camels to be exact. It was in the air along with the words of conversation being played out like some episode of Hee-Haw that had the wrong speech track.

Beethoven's Fifth symphony cut through all of that like a gun shot. Almost immediately, I went diving into my pants pocket to fish around for my moblie. I knew who it was before I even answered it. Her ringtone was different.

"Oi Oi." Standard greeting no matter if it was a bum or the President of the United States. Either way, something was wrong. Sobbing and tears. Dejectedness in her voice.

"I did something I regret Johnny..."


I applied a death grip to the arms of my chair. Under my fingertips I felt the painted wrought iron. The bumps, the imperfections, and the over-sprays. In my heart I felt nothing. In my veins, red blood cells had been replaced with pure rage. The other six sins be damned, a fanboy of rage I had become.

A small rumbling had worked it's way up from the bottom of my lungs, amplifed by my vocal cords, and out of my mouth into a screaming roar that would have a lion bowing down to my will. I screamed at her memories, cursed at her name, yelled obscenities across the parking lots of the local strip mall. I loathed her every fiber of being. I imagined killing her in several torturous ways.

I loved that girl, and I held out for that girl. I had made damn sure I wasn't drunk enough around any girl that I found remotely attractive just to make sure that I didn't make a mistake of cheating on her. It all went for naught.

Not once, or even twice. She had lost count of the number. She said it meaningless and that she wasn't in her right mind she was so overcome with lust and desperation.

Whatever we had, it was over. Whether or not I forgave her and what she did no longer mattered. I had kicked her out my life as if I had kicked her out of a vehicle doing 120 miles per hour on a back country gravel road.


One of of the women I was with turned and asked, "Who was on the phone?"

I slid the phone back into my pocket, calm and collected. "Nobody."

Johnny Rumble

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Hi Ya'all !!! im still alive just really busy with school and stuff

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Married? Aw F*ck...

I'd strangle her, but then I'd kill her. And that would make me very sad.

That's only the tip of the iceberg though. The underwater tip, but the tip nonetheless.

Some of you know that I'm without home right now. My father has officially retired from the Air Force. Consequntely, so did I. I put my twenty thank you very much. So this post is coming from the EconoLodge of Highway 99 in Yuba City. At least it's a roof. For the next week or so, the whole family minus the cat (not travel friendly) will be on the move northward deciding where to go and what to see with last minute decisions that hopefully won't end up with us in a car crash.

We settled on a house today. We put in an offer on the house with some major adendums. Seeing as how the house is yet to be finished being built, we were able to make some choices and modifications to it, barring Morrison Homes willingness to deal.

I think I've finally decided what the hell I'm gonna do for the rest of the year. Work my ass off. Get lots and lots of bank notes and then blow 75% of it on re-building my car. I've already got the ball nudged a few inches closer to the downward slope infact. I emailed TEIN Suspension about manufacturing a custom Coil-Over kit for a Saturn as they do not offer a kit currently (if ever), and found out that they will have a program very soon that will allow for such custom kits. I did a happy dance in my chair for about 30 seconds.

I could sit here and bitch about my love and all the drama that's been occuring lately in it, but I'm not gonna do that....I don't kiss and tell to the public. Maybe to a few select friends...but not to the public.

To one person in particular...If you move back here, that very well might happen.


We were lying there, cuddling as usual. It had been several long months since we were able to afford that luxury. Living away from each other is hard. Anybody can say that, anybody can expirence it. Few can actually make it work. It almost didn't happen that way for us.

I could feel her stirring in my arms, sturggling to roll herself over so she could face me. I wouldn't let her. I whispered into her ear, "Not right now. I'm not ready for that." Her body went a limp as a ragdoll, and her aura felt near the same.

"Why not? I've waited and waited and fuck knows you and your teasing didn't help me at all..."

I cut her off very quickly, "Because you've not yet satisfided my emotional needs enough for me to satisfy for phsyical needs."

That bed went cold quicker than beer hit with a fire exinquisher. I plowed ahead regardless...

"Not like that Nikki, and you know it. It's been so long since we've had this oppurtunity that I'd rather enjoy it. This moment right here is like a very fine Cypriot wine. One does not simply gulp it down and get drunk on it..."

I held her closer and tighter, forcing her to move closer to me and bringing our clashing auras together.

"... instead you must savor it. Sip at it slowly and feel it trickle down your throat. Inhale it's smells and examine it's color. Savor. What I need right now isn't what you want. I need to breath in your perfume, feel your skin against mine, and savor the moment for a lifetime. I need this Nikki. I need to be right here right now, with no rush to get drunk."

She nestled in tighter to my body and started to exchange warmth again. Being next to her, I could feel my head getting light and my eyelids getting heavier. This is perfect, I thought as I dozed off in happiness.

Johnny Rumble

Johnny Rumble:
Six Years Ago Today

3000 people died in a terrorist attack 6 years ago today. Those who care raise your hands please. Now put them the fuck down. At least that many people die from malnutrition, disease, and homicide every fucking hour. The people that died in the towers were all well fed and well cared for. Know, because of this, I have to put up with the NSA and CIA listening to my phone calls, spend even MORE time at the shitty ass airports, watch what I say and do else I be branded a terrorist, and have an overall feeling like the government is bending me over and fucking me in the ass deeper than ever before. Fuck That Shit.

A poem dedicated to 275 million American fuck heads:

I Wanna be an American

I wanna be an American
I wanna support the war on terrorism
And hate the jews and gays
Everything in between

I wanna be an American
I wanna see Patriot Act power expanded
And Invade countries on a whim
Watch the Effiel tower fall the ground

I wanna be an American
I wanna send my people off to die
And manipulate the media
To see only my point of view

I wanna be an American
I wanna sing Hail to the Chief
And watch as the prisons go up
Send the Japanese to jail

I wanna be an American
I wanna see my veterans’ poor
And pass laws against GLAAD
Making being gay a Federal Offence

I wanna be an American
I wanna see the bill of rights shredded
And my freedoms given up
For national security

I wanna be an American
But first I wanna die
Before I become an American

Fuck You All:
Johnny Rumble

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Maybe It's The Geek In Me

But I completely agree with this. And I can't stop laughing.

Johnny Rumble