Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Married? Aw F*ck...

I'd strangle her, but then I'd kill her. And that would make me very sad.

That's only the tip of the iceberg though. The underwater tip, but the tip nonetheless.

Some of you know that I'm without home right now. My father has officially retired from the Air Force. Consequntely, so did I. I put my twenty thank you very much. So this post is coming from the EconoLodge of Highway 99 in Yuba City. At least it's a roof. For the next week or so, the whole family minus the cat (not travel friendly) will be on the move northward deciding where to go and what to see with last minute decisions that hopefully won't end up with us in a car crash.

We settled on a house today. We put in an offer on the house with some major adendums. Seeing as how the house is yet to be finished being built, we were able to make some choices and modifications to it, barring Morrison Homes willingness to deal.

I think I've finally decided what the hell I'm gonna do for the rest of the year. Work my ass off. Get lots and lots of bank notes and then blow 75% of it on re-building my car. I've already got the ball nudged a few inches closer to the downward slope infact. I emailed TEIN Suspension about manufacturing a custom Coil-Over kit for a Saturn as they do not offer a kit currently (if ever), and found out that they will have a program very soon that will allow for such custom kits. I did a happy dance in my chair for about 30 seconds.

I could sit here and bitch about my love and all the drama that's been occuring lately in it, but I'm not gonna do that....I don't kiss and tell to the public. Maybe to a few select friends...but not to the public.

To one person in particular...If you move back here, that very well might happen.


We were lying there, cuddling as usual. It had been several long months since we were able to afford that luxury. Living away from each other is hard. Anybody can say that, anybody can expirence it. Few can actually make it work. It almost didn't happen that way for us.

I could feel her stirring in my arms, sturggling to roll herself over so she could face me. I wouldn't let her. I whispered into her ear, "Not right now. I'm not ready for that." Her body went a limp as a ragdoll, and her aura felt near the same.

"Why not? I've waited and waited and fuck knows you and your teasing didn't help me at all..."

I cut her off very quickly, "Because you've not yet satisfided my emotional needs enough for me to satisfy for phsyical needs."

That bed went cold quicker than beer hit with a fire exinquisher. I plowed ahead regardless...

"Not like that Nikki, and you know it. It's been so long since we've had this oppurtunity that I'd rather enjoy it. This moment right here is like a very fine Cypriot wine. One does not simply gulp it down and get drunk on it..."

I held her closer and tighter, forcing her to move closer to me and bringing our clashing auras together.

"... instead you must savor it. Sip at it slowly and feel it trickle down your throat. Inhale it's smells and examine it's color. Savor. What I need right now isn't what you want. I need to breath in your perfume, feel your skin against mine, and savor the moment for a lifetime. I need this Nikki. I need to be right here right now, with no rush to get drunk."

She nestled in tighter to my body and started to exchange warmth again. Being next to her, I could feel my head getting light and my eyelids getting heavier. This is perfect, I thought as I dozed off in happiness.

Johnny Rumble

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  1. It's a good thing that you're staying in CA though. But yes I'm disappointed that you are so far away. But as long as you are happy it's ok. And I know that Ken is happy to still have you.

    What town?

    I like the story.

    And I'm not ready to marry you. I want to. But I'd rather wait awhile. I love you too much.