Saturday, September 29, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
News On The War On Homelessness

I'm going to the hospital on Monday. There's a lump on my wrist from when I wrapped it around an I-Beam in Somerset. I think it's just a pocket of puss that needs to be drained out.

Oh...and I'm coughing again. I remember the time it took something on the order of 2 months to get over a cold or flu or whatever it was. That was fun. Ataxia kept beating the snot out of me for not going to the doctor to get checked out.

We found a home finally. After 70+ homes looked at and what seems like months of searching, we finally found one and put out signatures near the X's. Centex Homes rocked. Especially the Centex Agent there, Mr. Stock. He flat out rocked my face off with his deft maneuvering around his own bosses to get us in our house. He's a rock god among agents.

Morrison Homes, on the other hand, pretty much sucked a long hard one when it came to what we wanted. The agent there was clearly on our side on the debacle, so no ill will toward him. But the builder flat out refused to work with our demands and our desires. That and he fucked around with the house beyond the scope of the original plans.

Anyway...we take possession of our house in late December. I honestly can't wait till then, because that's when Ataxia is supposed to come out and visit.

Right now I'm sitting in the Beale AFB Library using thier computers because we don't have internet access from our rental house. And it sucks. That's why there hasn't been any posting on here since the 16th. Eh. Whatever. So he site goes dormanit until about January. Travis should still be on here somewhere keeping up with the events of the East Coast, but he's got college and all the assossicated crap with that.

I think I've decided on a couple of new clothing projects for myself. One is going to be a patch work kilt, so that should be quite an interesting article.

The second is much more contrivesial. A motorcycle style jacket (black or white leather) with 3801+ little crosses on the back framed by the words, "IRAQ; How Many More?" On the front will be the lyrics to Street Dogs song, "Final Transmission" on the left and The Pogues song, "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" on the right. I'll prolay leave the sleeves blank. All of this will be done in white and black paint. Any constructive idea's? This is particualar project I'm still one the fence about considering the overall cost in time and money it would take to complete, but it's a definate possibility.

Johnny Rumble


  1. the jacket is very interesting..and would be a huge time investment, but if you can pull it off props, since it should defiantly be unique. I've still gotten nowhere on my vest. I did add a Liverpool and Chelsea patch- still need a hull city one though. Cheers and hope the house goes well. I remember when I moved to Fairfax stayed in a rental sort of deal for a couple of months.

    Check out the Social D song far behind on youtube..kicks ass


  2. Oh and associated crap in college is fun. but its more fun to go home, relaxing is easier



  3. You better be getting your ass to the doctor for that cough!!!! I mean it! I don't want to get there and have you coughing!

    But other than that I can't wait till you get your house. I need to get away for awhile. XD Go figures I'll be going back to CA.

  4. if i was going to make a jacket about iraq it would say:

    In favour of carpet-bombing Iraq like Dresden, Germany so that everyone can come home.


    PS: do you ride?