Thursday, September 13, 2007

Johnny Rumble:

It was Thursday. The smell of the coffee I couldn't drink obliterated all my other sences. That and the fresh smell of burning tobacco. The women I was with smoked. Camels to be exact. It was in the air along with the words of conversation being played out like some episode of Hee-Haw that had the wrong speech track.

Beethoven's Fifth symphony cut through all of that like a gun shot. Almost immediately, I went diving into my pants pocket to fish around for my moblie. I knew who it was before I even answered it. Her ringtone was different.

"Oi Oi." Standard greeting no matter if it was a bum or the President of the United States. Either way, something was wrong. Sobbing and tears. Dejectedness in her voice.

"I did something I regret Johnny..."


I applied a death grip to the arms of my chair. Under my fingertips I felt the painted wrought iron. The bumps, the imperfections, and the over-sprays. In my heart I felt nothing. In my veins, red blood cells had been replaced with pure rage. The other six sins be damned, a fanboy of rage I had become.

A small rumbling had worked it's way up from the bottom of my lungs, amplifed by my vocal cords, and out of my mouth into a screaming roar that would have a lion bowing down to my will. I screamed at her memories, cursed at her name, yelled obscenities across the parking lots of the local strip mall. I loathed her every fiber of being. I imagined killing her in several torturous ways.

I loved that girl, and I held out for that girl. I had made damn sure I wasn't drunk enough around any girl that I found remotely attractive just to make sure that I didn't make a mistake of cheating on her. It all went for naught.

Not once, or even twice. She had lost count of the number. She said it meaningless and that she wasn't in her right mind she was so overcome with lust and desperation.

Whatever we had, it was over. Whether or not I forgave her and what she did no longer mattered. I had kicked her out my life as if I had kicked her out of a vehicle doing 120 miles per hour on a back country gravel road.


One of of the women I was with turned and asked, "Who was on the phone?"

I slid the phone back into my pocket, calm and collected. "Nobody."

Johnny Rumble


  1. It was really good! Scary a bit but other than that. It was great.

    Hope you have fun in Reno!

  2. if it was just physical, it's just physical.

  3. Oi Oi mate, when you next getting on MSN, I've college updates, but I'm not spilling em online yet(got to ask your opinion on whether I should bothers