Saturday, September 15, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Picking A Fight

I was in my favorite spot. Lying on the cold hard concrete of the garage floor. Tucking myself under my car, I was trying to get a Mitsubishi 4G63 stuffed under the hood my Chevy Cavalier. And for the triple dose of insanity, the aim was also to retrofit the All Wheel Drive system under the J-Body as well. This whole build has been nothing but a pain in the ass, but I was able to pull it off, it would put all the Honda-heads and Toyota-geeks to shame.

But I gotta tell you, I hate working on this J-body. Makes me long for the days of working on my Saturn. Give me a set of wrenchs and a ratchets, and within the day, I can take any Saturn right down to the space frame. So easy and uncomplicated. J-Bodys? Fuck them.

So why was I flat on my back, working on the one platform I despised? To shut the traps of all the nay-sayers. It was different. And it was difficult. That's why.

But right now, trying to fit these Driveshaft Shop half shafts was really causing me to have an aneurysm. Nothing was fitting properly, bolts weren't sliding in, and pins were misaligned. My hands were filthy, as they should be, and were aching from holding objects. Not to mention all the times I've hit my head on the frame rails multiple times.

snap, clunk, bang

I lied there clutching my face and pounding my fist on the cement. The half-shaft popped out of the transmission and, almost comidically, in pure slow motion, I watched it come falling down on to my face. I was really angry now.

I hadn't been in a good fight in quite a while. I needed it. Verbal, phsyical, any fight would do. I needed a good fight. The fight and whatever consquences that came with it. I dropped my tools and crawled out from under the car. Grasping the towel, I wiped the blood from my face and felt around for the cut. I pulled off my shirt, pressed it to my bleeding skin, went in the house, and looked to pick a fight with my wife.

Johnny Rumble

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  1. Ouch is all I'm going to say about a gash. And you know the wife is going to win. Wives always win. XD