Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Johnny Rumble:
Six Years Ago Today

3000 people died in a terrorist attack 6 years ago today. Those who care raise your hands please. Now put them the fuck down. At least that many people die from malnutrition, disease, and homicide every fucking hour. The people that died in the towers were all well fed and well cared for. Know, because of this, I have to put up with the NSA and CIA listening to my phone calls, spend even MORE time at the shitty ass airports, watch what I say and do else I be branded a terrorist, and have an overall feeling like the government is bending me over and fucking me in the ass deeper than ever before. Fuck That Shit.

A poem dedicated to 275 million American fuck heads:

I Wanna be an American

I wanna be an American
I wanna support the war on terrorism
And hate the jews and gays
Everything in between

I wanna be an American
I wanna see Patriot Act power expanded
And Invade countries on a whim
Watch the Effiel tower fall the ground

I wanna be an American
I wanna send my people off to die
And manipulate the media
To see only my point of view

I wanna be an American
I wanna sing Hail to the Chief
And watch as the prisons go up
Send the Japanese to jail

I wanna be an American
I wanna see my veterans’ poor
And pass laws against GLAAD
Making being gay a Federal Offence

I wanna be an American
I wanna see the bill of rights shredded
And my freedoms given up
For national security

I wanna be an American
But first I wanna die
Before I become an American

Fuck You All:
Johnny Rumble

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