Saturday, September 15, 2007

College Update

So lets see, what do you care about?
*School: Lessons are going well, having to struggle a bit to stay focused, but today I made progress..I tried writing some of my history essay, and got a third of the way done. I figure half, of it to 2/3 can be slogged through tomorrow. See I don't just watch Footy on Saturday.

*Going Out: Still not done it, I don't feel comfortable out and about by myself..Maybe I'll do it when Mike and the boys come up.

*Social Life: This being different then 'Going Out' and I would like to say that yes I have a social life. Admittedly not the best, otherwise I wouldn't be here at 10:09 on a Saturday night. Yet I didn't feel good today so def not going out.

*Not acting like a dork: unfortunately I have bad news to report on this front. Actually it's good news in that I finally figured out something. Sort of profound coming from me. Not allowing myself to be uncomfortable. Granted this is in context, if I was somewhere crazy then duh uncomfortable is a good thing.

I'm referring to stupid normal things. Like going out to a movie with people I only met the week before. Past Me would have gone, nah I'll pass thanks. Instead I went, movie was alright, and then had a nice time out and about; instead or sitting in my room sleeping.

*Homesick: Yes sort of, not so much for the physical space, mainly cos I like my dorm room fine. What I'm missing is people. Family friends. Oddly enough I miss talking to my cousin in England. I've grown used to talking to them every couple of days, and if they don't get on I start wigging out. Seriously- I mean I can call my Dad, Mom, sister, grandparents, but the only way I can talk to anyone in England is skype. I like how I can talk to them all, lee, Maria, and the kids without anyone pestering me too much. I mean they'll ask how lessons go, and then we talk, generally about England, and their chance for qualifying for Euro 2008. Not that I don't enjoy talking to my parents and such, but I feel pressured to talk about stuff, which is annoying because I shouldn't feel so pressured.

So yeah I'll post another update when I get my Exam results back.


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