Saturday, October 20, 2007


Oi Oi, hows the readership going? You lot, whom ever reads this really needs to start leaving comments. Outside of the one dude that John knows, I think I'm the only one who comments...So stat commenting damn it!

On that note, I'm a bit ticked since John is beating me in fantasty football, and I really want to know who his striker is, that or your defense is rock solid. Though granted Torres is injured then he will comeback and own the league. See this is how it breaks down, John and I got a fantasy footy tourney on yahoo, just us two for bragging rights, and I set out with a good team, and his was alright.

The problem was my good team was under the assumption they would play, his was medicore players(ok some not all) and they all did play, and were consistent- unlike my team high profile stars. The problem was they were either A) injured, or B) not in team's plans. So joe cole who now appears to be alright wasn't getting games(so I dropped him, have to check his price again). The problem was I left him in the spot and he didn't get me any points, so I just dragged myself down deeper.

The long and short of this is that johns up 399 points and I'm at 369. Which really doesn't help much. Oh well drastic measures this week. Sice Now I'll have to take Terry out, cos he's injured. Now to replace him with..John lets see have you any ideas?

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  1. HAHAHA!!!

    I haven't touched the fantasy in quite a number of weeks. Oh, that is rich. Really god damn rich.

    But FIFA 08 is fuckin ace dude. Get it soon.