Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First snowfall of the season.

Oi Oi!
So I've actual news. Yes I know it's a shock, but fear not loyal reader(I'm taking it for granted at least one poor person checks this every week for updates)but I've updates that have been a long time coming.

So I've started writing, have this little idea but since its finals coming up, I'll work more on the four hour trip home, but really I think it should be kinda fun, since I've not sat down and wrote in ages. Will admit that it was a bit of a struggle at first but as I sat longer it came back to me, not that it says all that much right?

So I can't remember, but at some point I may have mentioned that I had to do a term paper. Well I finished it and got the grade and I must say that I'm pretty pleased. The grade was a C+, which considering it was the longest thing that I've written, seven pages about northern Virginia traffic(I'm never doing that again).

Today it snowed down at RU, and though it stopped around midmorning, Northern Va got hit a bit, which means schools probably canceled knowing them.

The pictures are of the snow, me, and my hall mate Justin.

Well thats all for now, I shall report again when my first semester of College is done, or if anything interesting happens between now and then. Cheers

OH yah before I forget, John dude last I checked your kicking my ass in yahoo football, but Torres is back and I got babel up top, so let the red machine roll on.

- Does anyone who read this think that french team actually have a chance?

after Beskitas, Newcastle, Porto and Bolton, I don't think so.

and another aside: hull lost 3-0 away to preston, exact reverse of the game at the KC, well the weekend can only be up..positive thoughts!!!

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  1. Of course the French don't have a chance. What is this nonsense? And its Besiktas.