Sunday, January 20, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Johnny's Folly part 6

Author's note: It took forever, but here it is. Part 6. Now that I have direction, maybe I can get through part 10. Anyway, sorry to those loyal for the delay.

My eyes flew open and started searching for something. Everything was wrong. They street lamps were still passing over head, the air was still very, very cold, and the hum of the tires were still droning through the wind. Yet, something was very, very wrong. I looked around and around, stood up in the bed of the pick-up, kept looking, Where, where is it? The other lads in the truck looked quizzically at me and perhaps slightly worriedly.

“Johnny, what’s going on?” Mark asked.

“Something’s wrong. I don’t know what, but something’s wrong.”

Paul turned around in his passenger seat and spoke through the shattered rear glass, “What the hell could be wrong? We just beat Norfolk five, zero, Greensea is at the top of the League table, and with only 8 weeks to go, and it looks like we’re going to the American next year. So what’s wrong?”

I ignored him and kept searching. It’s somewhere, somewhere close. I could feel it. My blood was tingling with sensations. Where? The pick-up slowed for traffic, and in my peripheral vision I saw it. I didn’t think, I just jumped over the side of the bed. Sam yelled for me to stop, and Juan tried to grab my belt to keep me in, but I slipped his bonds. The feeling of weightlessness was adrenaline inducing, and everything came into razor sharp clarity. My boots hit the ground. There was no way I running, I had to take a couple of courtesy rolls to appease Newton, but soon my soles were pounding their way toward the alley I saw the trouble in.

They never saw me.

Three guys, infinite possibilities, I chose the easiest and probably the most devastating. Boot to the temple of the guy kneeling, stop forward movement of feet, and let momentum carry my upper body and closed fist into the cheek of guy number two. Carry the momentum movement further and land a kick to the gut of guy number three behind me. Three down, one out, and two reeling and trying to recover. I didn’t wait. Slamming my knee into the chest of one of them, I started swinging my fist toward his face.

One punch, two punches, three, five, twelve, the feeling of warm blood, cold air, negative emotions, I lost track until a thick arm wrapped around my neck and pulled me backwards with roughness that defiantly wasn’t friendly. Something collided with my head, but no headiness was paid. Dropped to the pavement, a fist came toward me, and I rolled to dodge it. I rolled back and brought my own fists to bear on my attacker. He was already backed against the alley wall clutching his hand. I jumped up and slammed my boots once again into him until he fell.

My boots became weapons, and I lost my mind until I got tackled and pinned by somebody much bigger than me.

“Johnny! Stop it! Stop now!”

The voice was husky, almost….Romanian. Shit. Everything came back. I wanted to throw up. “Get off me, get off me,” I struggled.

“You better?” Danny came back.

“Yes, yes, just get off!” The second Danny let me go, I knew I couldn’t hold it back. I rolled to my hands and knees and my stomach lurched violently on to the cement below. I felt Danny patting me on the back trying to help get rid of the coughing fit afterward. I tried speaking between coughs but couldn’t. Paul got the idea though.

“She’s alright Johnny, banged up, but fine.”

I quit coughing at that point and struggled to my feet. Danny supported me until I waved him off and made my way to her side. Her shirt was torn open at the front, her skirt shoved up around her hips, and her panties lay torn and tattered in a heap next to her. I turned, “Do we have a blanket or something?” Juan was moving before I finished the sentence. While he was gone, Mark took off his jacket and offered to me. I wrapped it as gently as I could around her.

“Johnny…” Sadie breathed out.

“I’m here, your safe. They’re gone,” I held her cheek in my palm and turned her head toward mine. “Sadie, I need to know, did they do anything? Did they do it to you?” Something I never wanted to ever ask.

“Johnny…Johnny, I’m scared,” her voice was quivering, shaking and uncontrollable. She was in rough shape and I knew it.

“Sadie, you need to listen to me, did they,” I swallowed, “rape you?” She was unresponsive for what seemed like the longest time. “Sadie?”

“No…no they didn’t,” tears were running down her cheeks, “Johnny…”

“I know, we’re leaving right now.” I picked her up carefully, nestled her head on my chest, and started to walk out of the alley. Her hand clenched onto my tattered hoodie, and never let go.

Paul laid his hand on my shoulder. “So what now Johnny?”

Sadie was asleep on my bed. I’d started renting Paul’s backroom and turned it into my own sanctuary. Now it was Sadie’s. “I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do right now.” I was in the kitchen fixing Sadie some eggs and toast. “For now, I’m going to get some food her stomach and go from there.” I picked up the plate and a glass of orange juice and started down the hallway.

“Just be careful Johnny. Some of the best things in the world can still bite you in the ass.”

I gently knocked on the cracked door and waited a few seconds before opening it. She had the blankets pulled up tight around her head, clinging to any last shred of security she could. Her eyes were sleepy, but awake, and she responded when I walked in. “Hey you.”

I lifted the plate to show her, “Brought you some breakfast. Although it’s more like lunch considering the time…” She stuck her tongue out at me, but took the plate nonetheless. She pated the mattress next to her and I sat down. I wrapped my arm around her and spoke softly, “How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts, and I can’t leave my lip alone.” I placed my hand on her cheek and looked at the cut on her eyebrow. I had done my best to clean it last night, but I could tell that it was going to bruise worse than it already was. I pulled her closer and lightly kissed the massive scab that now covered it. I looked her in her eyes, “You know that’s not what I meant.”

She set down her fork. “Tired, scared, yet loved and secure.” She set the eggs aside and cuddled up to me like I was the world’s biggest teddy bear. Her hand snaked up my hoodie again and clung to it like last night, and her face was buried in my neck. I could feel the slightest bit of moisture and heat, and I knew that she was fighting back tears. Pulling the blanket around her, I sat there holding her.

Finally, broken, she asked, “Why me Johnny?”

I considered my words. “I don’t know Sadie. What I do know is that you’re safe now. Those bastards got the royal boot fucking they deserved.” I flashed back tot the sounds I heard coming from the alley after I left it, and why it took five minutes for the rest of my friends to get back to the truck.

She clung to me a while longer before saying, “Thank you. For everything.” I just held her tighter.


  1. Yo dude way cool and super reading...

  2. As always it's amazing. I like the turn of events. Even though it's a little concerening.

    Sorry it took me so long. Chest cold + vicks = passed out me at 8:30

  3. fucking cool new logo man, ill be back to read this when i have more time to sit with it