Thursday, January 10, 2008

Say it With Me Now: We Hate Gentoo's Complexity

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen: Now I realize that some of you are pining away for me to come back. This as been on the back burner awhile and now that I've the time and the better know how to actually not talk out my ass, this is what I have discovered.

As you all probably know I've been spending time in Linux. Now what you may not know, is that I've been using Fedora Linux because it is easy to install, the community is there to help(find good people on IRC then get there instant message address) with either a problem specific to each distribution or a more generic problem. So this past break I was updating the system to Fedora 8 which is the latest release by the Fedoraproject. Everything on that front goes well but I was left wanting something different and after talking to someone I decided to install Gentoo Linux.

Gentoo is a 'geek distro' it only recently has a graphicall installer and it uses portage which is something like ports in BSD. This task took three days. The first day my buddy and I set about setting up wireless in Fedora(mainly) to see if it would work- it did) the next morning I made the leap to Gentoo, and after the GUI installer crashing, I put the live-cd back in the drive and sshd to my buddy's computer so he could take a look. He ended up doing the install the manual method which was very nice of him. We then shut down for the night and upon the morrow continued the project. We found that GRUB(the bootloader) wouldn't load and the hard drives were not being recognized because of the drive ordering. Eventually after a half day of working we concluded that yes there is a work around, but it would be time consuming(hahah like we've not spend enough) and it still would require more work. I had been expecting it not to fail but it shouldn't have been this fucked up.

So we labeled The Great Gentoo Experiment FUBAR and I installed Opensuse 10.3 because by this point the Windows partition was fucked and I needed a working system till I get back to school(the recovery disks are in the dorm), though at this point I'm gonna either A) reinstall Opensuse over both drives, or B) Install Fedora 8 over both drives and run a virtual windows, which would contain everything since the windows would be a 'guest os' and not really 'there' existing only within the Linux os.

So on the Homefront, I'm going to be an older brother in a couple of weeks and woe betide anyone messing with him in the school yard. I'm kind of excited becuause outside of the toddler part, ya know when he's eight or there abouts I'll be looked up to- let me clarify: I'll be like the cool older brother(well I'm hoping I'm cool) which is sort of weird to think about. I know I always though older people were cool and the postive 'cool' aspects of them I would try to emulate. THough don't ask me what they are now. That and if he is anything like me he'll gravitate to people who aren't as moronic as his peers appear to be. Hey wait a minute by the time he's the age we're talking about; I'll be as old as some of my friends now. Scary. Though I do enjoy hanging out with S and my cousin, and they've both helped me though important and difficult shit...which I'm thankful for.

Yes before you ask keeping my sanity when I'm in a dorm room by myself is important and talkign bout liverpool and Hull actually seemed to help..well minus when they lost but hey thats what books are for. Oh and of course talking to my parents was cool too, but everyone asks how I;m doing where as its nice to talk to people not feeling as if I am being examined, but hey everyone is just looking out for me which is good and cool.

I'm going to start him off with linux and maybe watching DC united on TV, because you know that is the important stuff. Maybe by then MLS would actually be accepted by the US and not seemingly so niche sport like. w

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