Monday, February 18, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Fred Phelps

Oh dear, dear, Fred Phelps, what ever shall the world do with out your uplifting and emotional speeches?

You preach against the tolerance of homo-sexuality, against the evils of sodomy, and constantly tell us how we are all correctly condemned to hell for our sins of supporting homosexuality, and supporting those governments like Sweden, Canada, and Ireland, where openly gay people live, work, and hold government office. Your air tight 3 word argument, Priests Rape Boys, against the Catholic church is a gospel sent from the heavens itself, and we should all bask in the glory of your gospels.

We will never understand we so many people despise your truths, and hate your very god sent existence. Could they be right though? Could God love everybody? And not just all those that follow your divine path to righteousness? After all, why should we mourn the loss of every single solider that laid his or her life on the line to protect our freedoms of not getting a royal boot fucking? We should we idolize a flag that clearly allows those filthy homosexuals to commit sodomy and trample on the name of the almighty?

God gave us our freedoms, not the governments, and clearly God did not give those same freedoms to those who support homosexuality and Pagan orgies around cloth and caskets of the dead.

Oh Fred Phelps, how I long for the day where I can finally meet you face to face and kick you in the teeth like the fucking moron you are. Your consistent hate speech against the nation of your birth, and the nation that freely gives you the freedoms for which you now protest is yours alone. Thank God for 9/11? Thank God for Dead Soldiers? Thank God laws and police protect you from the boot party and broken bones your so richly deserve. You’re an abomination of humanity, an outcast, and a mutant of intolerance. Eat a bullet for me Fred Phelps. Eat a bullet.

Johnny Rumble


  1. I like the last two sentences. I can taste the venom.

  2. Yo dude thats hardcore