Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Days

Hello loyal readers, whomever you actually are. Yes I know its beena while, I got a life, well ok your right, nah ive done practically nothing but read , and go to class. I also wanted to finally end(I hope) my Linux experiment, with an actual conclusion....I know took me long enough right?

So I've found that I really like Fedora from the Icon set, to the Menu Layout-defualt gnome here-and yum at the command line. I liked openSUSE but found that at the end of the day I couldn't get to grips with YAST and found it too clumsy and difficult with so may options..take a look at the install softaware screen, I mean how many ways can one had a community repo? On the other hand I did really like the fact that the xterm had a red line when working as root- and the log in and splash menu's all look good. If there was a distro that provided the mp3 and dvd support out of the box with yum like command line tools(since I'm familar with that at least).

So yeah I've now got a little brother, born a month ago. When I go up I'll of course try to get a picture of him but honeslty will you care? but yes I'm so stoked to ya know do brother stuff like play video games and stuff. Though I must say the first 6. 7 years will probably be a bit dull since I won't know what to do with him other then read to him? I wonder will kid's his age read when they're 19? He will If I have something to say about it.

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