Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yay Another USA Win

Right so 3-0 win away to Poland, who I think are in Euro 2008, either way a win on forgein soil is always a plus. Wait, a win anyway is good. Kept up on the England game and to didn't see much, so I'll have to wait for the highlights, which of course only show the good parts. Anyway I have to go back to editing something so it suitable for the outside world to see it. Have a good time



Thursday, March 13, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
It may be old...

But it's still goddamn relevant...
Does anybody remember High School? The Social cliques and the way people segregated themselves into thier own little groups, volinatarily or not? Or for an even worse example, Middle School, where the cool people had run of the school, and the uncool people were cast off into oblivion?

Now think back to Elementary school. Everybody got along with pretty much everybody. I won't say it was perfect, there were still some inter-class issues, but there were no cliques, or segregated groups. People were accepted for the way they were. White, black, blond hair, green eyes, catholic, jewish, or muslim. It never mattered. Kids looked at people on the inside and judged them on thier character, not thier looks or thier possessions. It was fair and balanced, and kids were never left out of a game of kickball, or in my case football (soccer).

What ever happened to those days? The days when everybody got along and issues were solved not with hurtful words and rejection, but with "civilized" (yes, doodyhead was civilized in on the playground) arguments. Kids were friends before, during and after the argument. There was no hatered, no real anomisity, and definatly no rascim. Whatever happened to those days?

Kids grow up, go to school and start to see the differences in people. They see that one kids has less money than the others, and will never be able to throw a big party, or wear the newest clothes. It all becomes about status, about how "cool" and "hip" you can be. In High School, our cars (or lack thereof) becomes the symbol of might. That kid over there has a brand new Mercedes, while you have a 1998 Toyota Corrolla that falling apart.

Screw that. I don't care if you have the newest fashions from Milan, or the newest "it" car, or a wallet full of cash. Strip all that away and what have you got? A human being that should be judged on his character, and judged on his valor. Were all human beings underneath our possessions. We should act and treat each other as such.

Instead we have war around the globe, rasict groups, terrorists, and people looking to kill other just because the belive, act, or look different than your idea of what a human should be.

People grow up and people change, this is true, but if we all grow up to become hate mongers, then I never want to grow up. I want to stay on the Elemantary school playground. I want to stay young.
I wrote this back in 2006. I'm older now, perhaps a little more mature, and little less naive. But I still want to go back to the playground.

Johnny Rumble

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What is up in the world.

So I finally realized that my friend had added our blog to the links page on his, and I feel kinda stupid that I never noticed it before. But its really interesting and one reason I know whatever I know about computers. I'm always reading stuff, gets stored in that old grey matter. Though you would think by now that I would learn to be more organized.

So yes this brings me to my reason for today's blog. I can't get organized, and remember to do things. I get busy and forget or just don't want to do anything. Pretty sure that's the ADHD talking because I never want to fuck something up and not do something. I do try, its just the remembering to do something in the first place. I've noticed that when I write things down I can generally remember but beyond that I forget stuff. So if anyone has any good ideas on how to remember stuff and stay on top things I'm welcome to suggestions.....

Oh and the link to The Doctor's blog if anyone should care to have a look see

The Doctor: Antartica Starts Here

Also should note that last time I checked we had it on the links section under what we read. If anyone noticed the section there in the first place.

Happy Days