Sunday, March 02, 2008

What is up in the world.

So I finally realized that my friend had added our blog to the links page on his, and I feel kinda stupid that I never noticed it before. But its really interesting and one reason I know whatever I know about computers. I'm always reading stuff, gets stored in that old grey matter. Though you would think by now that I would learn to be more organized.

So yes this brings me to my reason for today's blog. I can't get organized, and remember to do things. I get busy and forget or just don't want to do anything. Pretty sure that's the ADHD talking because I never want to fuck something up and not do something. I do try, its just the remembering to do something in the first place. I've noticed that when I write things down I can generally remember but beyond that I forget stuff. So if anyone has any good ideas on how to remember stuff and stay on top things I'm welcome to suggestions.....

Oh and the link to The Doctor's blog if anyone should care to have a look see

The Doctor: Antartica Starts Here

Also should note that last time I checked we had it on the links section under what we read. If anyone noticed the section there in the first place.

Happy Days


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