Saturday, April 05, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
100% Uncommited

I am now uncommited... people love not drinking meaningful sex in the flesh friends emotions

I am commited... apathy the bottle. Again.
...tospending my 21st in an alcoholic haze finishing Johnny's Folly in the style of The Departed getting over it

I am...

...over it (that was fast)
...hopefully making something of myself
...making a friend or two.
...Johnny Rumble

You are...

...bad at giving head
...viewing a Peter Pan complex like it's a bad thing
...emotionally insecure, physically unsure, and unable to take a true compliment.
...on my "apathy" list. Have fun!

Johnny Rumble


  1. I didn't deserve that. Stop being a jerk.

  2. I didn't mean it in that sense. I meant that you should get out there and start talking to people. Meet another girl that can be there for you cause I know that I couldn't.