Monday, April 14, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
"You did WHAT with WHO?!"

I worry about the future.

And I don't mean mine. At least, not this time. I'm still in the same deep shit hole as last time.

I mean them.

The Future.

Your children. Thier children. My children. Even though mine are still missing half thier chromosomes. This past weekend moved me. Shifted me. Literally. I had to baby sit. Kid sit. An eight year old.

"You mean, some morons left a small child to your care?"

Yes. I kid sit. Again. The same kid. The only kid I ever sit.

But it was such a moving experience. This kid is the most perfect kid ever. He does his chores, he's quiet (for an eight year old), he believes in God. And most of all...he dosen't question.

Dosen't. Question.

Sheep to the slaughter.

How is this small child going to grow up and become an impacting member of society if he dosen't question his boundries, dosen't question his surroundings, dosen't question what he believes? Dosen't question his government?

No, it's not another politcal rant.

But what if? What if? Metropolis?

And then there's now.

I had a big desire to charm this girl from Michigan. But she has a boyfriend.
I had a big desire to charm this girl from class. But she has a fiance.
I had a big desire to charm this girl from Amsterdam. But she was a long way away.
I had a big desire to charm this girl from Loma Rica. But she was too nice.
I had a big desire to charm this girl from my imagination. But she has a boyfriend too.
I had a big desire to charm this girl from Michigan. But she has a boyfriend.
And she asked that I don't.


I'm sour now. Vingear and War-Heads sour. Most everybody I know has or had some sort of life plan they have set out. Most of the people I know joined the military, or are setting to get out, or are leaving for boot camp. Those that didn't have a job and a apartment...or house...already. I'm still with my parents. At 21. Without a job that really pays me enough, and a deadbeat college with professers that frankly cause me real worry.

Damn it. It's 2 in the morning, I'm talking to Lindsey, I'm depressing myself, and at least on some level, I don't really care.

Night all,

Johnny Rumble


  1. Oi Happy Days dude, just think of that silver lining, shit even if its a bit crap at times. Fuck I really have no people skills, I mean ive the social graces god saw fit to give an armadillo. And look at me I'm still goign along, I've no real plan..besides finish school, get a real job...but fuck Do I want to think about it? hell no.


  2. some things:

    1.) Agree with yr assessment of the 8-yr old.

    2.) Thanks for the Metropolis link. Never heard of it, now have to see it

    3.) I love the idea of "desire to charm a girl." To rub it in, I have a date tonite with a real, honest-to-God red-head.

    4.) As long as you think living with yr parents is pathetic, it's not. Many of my dudes- 25, 26, 27, think it's the life.

    You are 21. You are young.



  3. i like that half chromosome bit. maybe, you should start writing for a book. am not an agent, tho, am searhin for 1.

    but the kid, i can't believe he's not asking about anything. maybe, his DNA are tinkered about... i always suspected those infant formula...