Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's not alright and I'm not calmed down.

Prologue: Bad Luck
Ian looked up from his textbook as the door chimed and let out a sigh. Well the sign does say eleven in the morning, guess I’ll have to write that paper tomorrow.

“Morning Sir, what can I get you today?”

The man walked over to a table in the corner, hanging his jacket and grabbing a coaster and set it down as he made his way to the bar.

“ ’Ello, ’ello. I’ll have a pint of bitter please”. Huh, Ian thought Wonder where he is from. Meh, just so he keeps quiet. I really need to finish this stupid chapter. Who cares really about the Whaling industry in the 19th century. Wait, maybe he can tell me something. Ian had a soft chuckle at that thought. Right like he wouldn’t just think I’m lazy. He got the drink and then settled down to finish his reading assignment. With out giving Pale hair another thought.
By noon the regulars had all showed up which meant even less time for the book and a brief lull meant time to put in the back office and get everyone topped off. The stranger wanted a roast beef sandwich

The night was calm only the Saturday night moaning between Bernie and Ian about the goals they either scored or had let through, as Ian kept trying to forget the day and remember the drinks.

It all changed around ten twenty. Ian put a coaster at the new arrival’s seat and set out the ashtray when he saw a pack of smokes. 30 minutes, two beers and half a pack of cigs later the bar exploded; with No-Name grabbing the nearest patron and smashing him against the bar. The man to his other side he grabbed and punched shoving him into the others. Beating and kicking his way through the crowd he didn’t care who he hit. Busting knee’s and blackening eyes this loony just didn't stop.

Rising up from the corner Mr. Roast Beef punched him, and ducked. Throwing jabs until he got within reach of a chair. Throwing into the rampaging psycho he kicked him in the face where he fell into a heap, unconscious. Roast-Beef fixed the chairs and tables as best he could, threw some money on the table and walked out.

What the hell. Fuck, another long night. Yet again this whole fate shit is really getting to me. Was I a complete ass in another life? I mean.. really is there anything that hasn’t happened yet. Hold on skipper…you’ve not been tossed out of school, or been drafted. Only a matter of time, the other shoulder whispered.

Ian looked around the bar, and with groan at the damage, and the extra work it meant, he announced last call and proceeded to straighten the place up. Ian brightened up immensly when he noticed Dan at the other end rehanging the posters and collecting all the glasses from the seats that were already empty.
veryone scram. Now! Five minutes ‘till call the cops on the last person in here and make their evening worse then mine.” Dan yelled at the young kids who hadn't taken the earlier hint”

------------------------------------Chapter One: Just another day, you know------------------------------------------
“Last call buddy. Looking the worse for wear; got a car, I'll call a cab for you?” The barman walked to over the phone, polishing a glass as went.

“It's fine. Does it get busy here?” The barman looked the man over, five foot and some change, muscle with a little bit of fat, out work the lazy fuck, doesn't stop me taking his money though he chuckled wryly to himself. Not that he was lazy last night. Why did I let him in here anyway? Though he was useful last night.

Ian took the time to really look at Kevin on his way back. That white hair, looks so alien. Ian stared at the hair. Its not natural.

“Hey mister....”

“Kevin, just Kevin, I'm not old enough to be a mister.”
“Alright then, Kevin, what can I get you today? Its on the house after the help last night”
Ian paused and grinned. Kevin chuckled at the smile and shook his hand.

“I'll have a coke with roast beef on rye.”

“So what brings you to Newtonville Kevin?”

“Came here from England to seek my fame and fortune, just couldn't- didn't really want to sit still. So I um, left. Quite suddenly really, family all probably worried, at least the ones who remember I even existed. ”
Only blondes we attract are them morons down south. His voice, he's not from the south either. Ian frowns thinking about what happened the last time he met those morons from Shepard. Bastards break my window again I'll kill the lot of them. This one seems strange. Not a tatoo or piercing to be seen, most teenage gangs running around mark out their own. Though thinking about it, he remembered he didn't sound like them northern asshats. He paused thinking for a moment as he made the sandwich. Or any other accent he had heard of. Not that this guy had spoken a full paragraph all afternoon. Ian looked up at the door chime. The last of the regulars had finally beaten a path home, back to wives and a hangover. Jamie had looked completely out of it when his brother came to get him. Gonna have to keep a better eye on him next week He turned his attention back to Kevin.

“ Though so far found the fortunes debatable. And now that I'm here; looking for work, know of any place Hiring?”

Kevin finished his sandwich and downed the rest of his beer.

“An another bitter wouldn't be amiss if you've no closed for the evening.”

Ian went to the door, bolted it, flipped the closed sign around and got a Kevin's bitter and a cheap lager for himself, no point wasting money he thought to himself.
They finished the beers and closed down the bar.

Ian turned and asked Kevin “You have a place to crash for the evening?”

“No.” Kevin said. ”
Ian nodded as he called a taxi. “You can come back with me and I'll put you up for the night.”
He spoke into the phone and hanigng up, again to Kevin. “Where did you stay last night?”

Kevin grinned and laughed at Ian.
“Went to a motel, and fast talked my way into better room. It does wonders it does, saying the room's full of mold, gets me money back and a better room. But I just spent all the money in your bar. On that sandwich, best roast beef in months, If not the best ever.

“Thanks Ian. For the ride and such, Should be able to find a job tomorrow, go hunting around. Yer should get some shuteye, early morning tomorrow.” Kevin said as he put their empty glasses in the dishwasher and helped Ian stack the chairs. The cab pulled into the parking lot and honked. Ian flicked the lights, armed the security system grabbing his school books on the way out. Ian light a cigarette as he and Kevin walked to the cab.


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