Saturday, May 31, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Hello Kitty Icky Rock!

"Have note will travel that my Hello Kitty illness is in remission."

I absolutly hate to admit it, but sometimes the only way I can deal with some people is to listen to blink-182 (or as one guy on the radio show Open House Party quoted a number years ago said, "Blank 181"). It's weird, gut wrenching, and possibily disgusting, but I do enjoy love songs. And slow rock. And Dean Martin. A good crooning love song has the ability to lift my entire day out of the gutter.

I acctually stopped drinking a beer when a Bloc Party song came on the radio.

Along those lines, I've also been taking stock of peoples relationships to others lately. I find a guilty pleasure to hear peoples stories about how they really hate thier other, but just can't find the courage to break it off, or say what needs to be said, or do anything really. They prefer to languish in bad relationships that are terrible for thier health and terrible for my kidneys (more on this later). The big question is why? Are we as humans so afraid of spending time without somebody?

I know to some degrees I am this way. I'm still transistioning to living in Killafornia after two years. I still don't have that one local friend that I feel comfortable calling and saying, "Dude, let's go make somebody elses day worse." And to this end, life is okay. At least, until those with that classic emotional trama enter my field of hazy vision. What's worse is that I sucker punch my self in the face.

"You seem down."

"My boyfriend is being a dick."

At this point my warning sensors are pinging off the scale, Robot is in the corner of my brain going "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!," and the master caution switch will naturally be flipped...

"What happened?"

I do it to my self. I don't really regret it either. I just amuse myself within the context of my own idiocy sometimes. I'm a very emotionally sympathtic person. I will cry right along with you, the really screwed up people, because that's the way I am. My emotions identify with other peoples emotions. I feed off them like a leach. And most of the time it leads to drink. I want to drink to celebrate, I want to drink to calm myself, I want to drink to put all those bad feelings away. I got my own problems. They drive me to the bottle on thier own. Factor is other peoples, and it's amazing I'm not a lush 24/7.

Perhaps it my inate ability to bottle everything up and put a cork in it and store it away in the vast warehouse of my fat gut. But this has it's own problems. One of those being that certain things will just eat at me until I acctually get it out. Unhealthy. The second is that I get accused on more than one occasion that people should look up to me for how well I have things under control in my life. Ha. The third is the classic hate speech. "You're incapable of showing any emotion at all. I fucking hate how apathic you are about everything!"

This line has not cropped up in the past few years, if only because I did start to care about some things. Then I got, "Your too fucking stubborn. Everything has got to be your way!" So I stopped caring and started to vicitimize my emotions all over again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well there went the season, and week

Well Terry just missed the Penalty so United win :( good end to the season I guess, but Drogba sent off for slapping vidic in front of the ref, any bets on that being his last game for the Blues- and Grants as boss?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Guinness and West Ham!

Pints of extra stout and dark brown excesses
Vats of drowned rats turned over to strips of pork
I’m clad in my dear claret and blue
My faded and stained jeans, black adidas shoes
Heartache, triumph, and goalless draws
Celebratory drafts of downward flowing bubbles
And we’ll forever be blowing those same ol’ bubbles
Although both Arthur and Bobby are long resting
Their memories are alive right here
Pints of Guinness and West Ham on the telly
It’s a half day off and Boleyn is half a world away
With the lassies wearing claret scarves
Chanting, “Martin One, Geoffrey three
And Bobby got the OBE!”

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
The Time, Time To Go

It's a windy day in Recce Town, the sun is hidden by light grey clouds that manage to say, "Yes, a storms a-coming." It's that perfect combination that makes the day so damn boring. But that's okay, it's completely fine. It's the last week of classes, and only eight days until I'm forced back into a hole that I'd rather not be in.

Family Reunion.

I shudder just at the thought.

It used to be that I'd enjoy going on trips. I'd enjoy getting away from it all and sleeping in strange places with semi-strange people. It's one of those moments of zen like quality where I can go, "Yes, I have arrived." No more. Now I want to explore, and go back to my bed. Where the pillows are just the right size and right density, not to soft, not to firm, and will completely devour your head if you let them.

I do find it amazing how I grew out of this. I still get the itch now and then just to run outside, jump in my car and just leave it all behind. Had a moment like that yesterday. Made it as far as the putting the key in the igintion until I saw I had no gas. Piss.

But I'm happy just staying in one place for a while now. To view and understand all the intracies of the walls or the trees or the concrete blocks. Watch the world and humanity just walk past on the way to thier own little moments of zen and happiness. It brings me a certain sadistic pleasure. Like a voyeur cam.

But now I'm being forced to back to Michigan. Back into the family and back into the seemingly intense, yet non-existant drama that exists. Not where I want to be. Too many people.

Perfection then? Sitting in a car with a friend, snaking our way through a mountain pass in the chill of the night, windows cranked down, radio softly playing something by The Eagles or Simon and Garfunkel or The Silver Bullet Band, The moon is a absolute full bathing the road and the mountains and the valleys and everything in it's pale glow before and after the headlights sweep them like beedy little eyes. No talking, just silence, a mental conversation, as Joe Walsh's & Don Felder's guitar solo would just break into the cool night air...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last day of the 08/09 Season

Alright so as anyone knows Chelsea could beat the red shit to the title, and kinda make me happy at not seeing united win it. Though I really think United will loose in Moscow, I'm thinking 3-1 victory to the Blues.

In the Championship, Hull beat Watford 2-0 in the first leg semifinal of the Championship playoffs, with goals by Barmby and Deano, so thinks are looking good, of course getting to Wembley by any stretch is a plus and I think everyone has to count this season as a success, I know I do. Will report more later but it is Mother's day today so I'm off to do Cool fun Mothersday stuff


Sunday, May 04, 2008

School's out

Alright, my first year in college is over, and I don't go back till 1 September. I think that I did pretty well over all. Met some really cool people, and started to hangout on the weekends with the Role Playing Guild. So I've made some friends, and gotten my computer all how I want it, with the email client and calender set up how I want it. So now for the weekend recap, went to Tysons and wandered round there waiting for bryce. Good thing that I got bored looking at the Constantine trade because he was a couple of hours late, which was fine, I didn't even really realize what time it was. He helped me set up Dreamcypher some more, which was way cool, though of course sitting here, there are some other ideas kicking around in my head. Now I'm sitting at the computer on sunday at the hull messageboard with the team now in the playoff, going down for brunch and liverpool game


Friday, May 02, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
We Can't Be...

...hardcore all the time!

Johnny Rumble