Sunday, May 04, 2008

School's out

Alright, my first year in college is over, and I don't go back till 1 September. I think that I did pretty well over all. Met some really cool people, and started to hangout on the weekends with the Role Playing Guild. So I've made some friends, and gotten my computer all how I want it, with the email client and calender set up how I want it. So now for the weekend recap, went to Tysons and wandered round there waiting for bryce. Good thing that I got bored looking at the Constantine trade because he was a couple of hours late, which was fine, I didn't even really realize what time it was. He helped me set up Dreamcypher some more, which was way cool, though of course sitting here, there are some other ideas kicking around in my head. Now I'm sitting at the computer on sunday at the hull messageboard with the team now in the playoff, going down for brunch and liverpool game


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