Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend update and stuff

Fairfax fair was this weekend and while I wanted to go to see joan jett play, it was just too hot. You know that the summer is upon when your sweating as you walk the 20 feet to the car. I went Friday night to see a local ska band which was really fun. Energetic performance and I got to see my friend Mike again, who I've been out of touch with since I've been back from school. I really dislike the mosh pits at these places since the respect for your fellow concert goer's just doesn't seem to be there. I mean do you really have to throw hte plastic bottle when it is still full of water, for crying out loud it was so hot that the water shouldn't have been wasted. I just don't like small pits I guess. No one was helping anyone up and I think I fell over at least twice where I had to haul myself up with no help, talk about brotherhood, just another dream.

Saturday was spend off from work and doing laundry. I would have liked to work but figured why not spend some time with dad and the xbox- especially since I'm working next Sunday, at least during the day. So I hope to make up some of the money I lost this Saturday next weekend.

On another note, I tested preupgrade for FC8 and while I did get a bootable FC9 system, It had borked the networking and hte package manager, so Now as I write this, I am burning the dvd and shall just install FC9 that way.

The Euro's are in full swing and while France vs Romania was the football equivalent to watching paint dry, the second game Holland vs Italy was anything but mundane and a very entertaining spectacle at that.

Looking forward to the start of the next Premierleague season, with Hull in the top division for the firt time ever, should be a long season.


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