Sunday, July 27, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
CD Mixes

As I sit here listening Jenny Rom vs The Zipper's Waka Laka on played on the speed on a crack addict, I do wonder about organizational sanity. In a very real sense, I put media (books, CD, DVDs) in thier alphabetical and chronological orders, and will get completely bent out of shape if just one of issues/box/cases gets out of wack. So much so, it will spur a complete break down of my typically strong willed senses.

This happened today.

Right now, I'm typing on the floor, my moniter is standing on the computer box, which is sideways, only because I have yet to get my furniture in thier rest places. My clothes are ripped out of the closet and dresser, my books and magazines are in a massive unorganized pile in front of the door, and my TV is upside down with SkySports reporting on the transfer season.

This is what happens when something goes astray. My cell phone just went off. But I can't find it. I think it's buried in a box.

But back to the real subject. Mixed CD's. I love them. I love CD mixes. I have a CD dedicated to War songs, to drinking songs, to Footie songs. I used to have a CD full of bagpipe music. I have gone through about five CD mixes of Electronica Music. I have other peoples mixes. I have mixes I found on the road.

Sometimes my organizational sanity will cross breed with my love CD mixes. Usually, I will just organize songs by thier titles, and call it good. Not this time. This time, I went through damn near a spindle of CD-R's trying to make the perfect mix. A love songs mix. Note, I have created exactly two Love Songs albums previous to tonight. And I gave both of them away to the people that inspired them. This one...this one however, has no muse. Call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Tasty...Perry Como's Papa Love Mumbo.

Normally, I would allow a slightly lengthy delay between songs if I forgot to program the delay out. Here, I refined it. Coal to Diamonds. And the order of songs. It's spot on. Fifteen perfect songs in the perfect order with the perfect delays with the perfect transitions. It would get me laid if I had a girlfriend. And if I hadn't snapped the disc in half 20 minutes ago.

Let's chaulk it up to memories that are better left suppressed. These memories are in fact a good reason why I haven't been terribly blatant with a particualar girl that asked me out for drinks back in May. I like her, and I can't really find the words to say that. She's smart, sassy, funny, quite beautiful looking, and if she can ever find the modeling work that she really wants, I'm sure that she could make it. And I can go so far as to say this, she's a bit of a hopeless romantic, but with a fiercly independent streak.

Quirky too. She has this phobia of movie theaters.

I'm laughing right now, beacuse out of the 203 hours of music that's on my dear computer, it decided to play Aqua. But no just Aqua, but Aqua's Barbie Girl. Cute.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ok, finally actually have time to sit down and think.

So I've been thinking a lot lately. Mainly about how the Little Dude is gonna interpret how I do things. Which leads me to be even more of a dork, ok I mean I've never really been a big rule breaker but now, I don't want to do anything that would encourage Little Dude to do something that is not ethical or whatever. I mean Right now I'm listening to Mega Bottle Ride by Joe Strummer and just relaxing. I'm thinking of the world that he will grow up with, How different it will be then the one I'm experiencing. Here is an example, at dinner tonight Dad said that in his lifetime, a presidential canidate was able to run on essentially a rasicst platform, and now the canidate that is the favorite in the polls is the opposite of that platform.

What else might change in his life time and later on between myself and my brother?

The Sky is grey
As the day does decline
I see one more bright ray
You've yet resigned.

Between innocence and cynicism
Will grow maturity
To have seen you grow
And the seeds you shall sow
Will the world need change?
Your gonna have to turn the page.

Don't grow up too quick
For you'll not get it back
For the next trick...

It's left up to you
If it's not yet untraveled.
Theres a road to take.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Cussing? Never!

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou

I laugh at this. It has now been proven that this site is not safe for small children or adults that act like small children.

Johnny Rumble

Johnny Rumble:
Rêve Liberté!

With the final sacrifice,
Lives within world without sin
And a world without borders
Blue Helmets die for the peace
Lots the idiot lives for war

Chiens de guerre, Chiens de guerre, We must go away!
(Dogs of War, Dogs of War)

Human right kill, shift blame time
In opposition to all
Millions of rotting corpses
Lie restless in their mass graves
Betrayed the hopes which remain

Temps asservi, temps asservi, don't runaway!
(Controlled time, Controlled time)

Constant stream humanity
Shortwave broadcasting for all
Revolution of thoughts
A rich man grins, fat man sings
Liberty a dream away

Solidarité, solidarité, a-okay!
(Solidarity, Solidarity)

Vote of no confidence line
Remove the inbred office
Human reeducation
Personal renovation
With a birth of liberty!

Internationale, Internationale, What say you now?
(International, International)

Claim new peace for all people
A door held open for them
Equality and Justice
A social contract agreed
Never to be breached again

Rêve liberté, rêve liberté, n'oubliez jamais!
(Dream Freedom, Dream Freedom, Never Forget!)