Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Rêve Liberté!

With the final sacrifice,
Lives within world without sin
And a world without borders
Blue Helmets die for the peace
Lots the idiot lives for war

Chiens de guerre, Chiens de guerre, We must go away!
(Dogs of War, Dogs of War)

Human right kill, shift blame time
In opposition to all
Millions of rotting corpses
Lie restless in their mass graves
Betrayed the hopes which remain

Temps asservi, temps asservi, don't runaway!
(Controlled time, Controlled time)

Constant stream humanity
Shortwave broadcasting for all
Revolution of thoughts
A rich man grins, fat man sings
Liberty a dream away

Solidarité, solidarité, a-okay!
(Solidarity, Solidarity)

Vote of no confidence line
Remove the inbred office
Human reeducation
Personal renovation
With a birth of liberty!

Internationale, Internationale, What say you now?
(International, International)

Claim new peace for all people
A door held open for them
Equality and Justice
A social contract agreed
Never to be breached again

Rêve liberté, rêve liberté, n'oubliez jamais!
(Dream Freedom, Dream Freedom, Never Forget!)

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