Sunday, August 03, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Ecstasy = Alcohol

Occasionally, I like to write posts that are completely unrelated to the title. This isn't one of the posts, but it defiantly isn't the core issue. In fact, the absolute insanity and hilarity that has ensued over the past few days is the core punch line.

I find that peoples relationships to me to be interesting at the very least, to comical, to extremely fucking hilarious. Throw perhaps one or two moments of absolute depression, and it’s easy to figure out what happens to most of the people I know. They disappear from my life. Those that can appreciate my own quirks (mostly of me being a bastard) tend to stick around the longest, and perhaps for life. These few friends that have stuck around to see who I’ll piss off next I count as my greatest treasures on the shelf.

Right next to a plaid covered Panda with big plastic claws.

So many others have disappeared into the twilight of my life that I can no longer count them. Ex-Girlfriends, Ex-Best Friends, Ex-Cohorts, Ex-Crushes, I remember every single one of them for the good things they brought to my life, and I remember every single one of them for the bad things they brought to my life. Sometimes, one of them will re-appear in my life for a brief spell, which is cool, because that allows the rare glimpse to see how each of them has grown in their life.

When these people pop back into my life, the end result is usually grief and stress for me. Arguments tend to develop, feelings are hurt, and eventually, these people will leave my life once again with a bad taste in their mouth.

I, for one, am okay with this.

I’ve accepted that I am a bastard, and that I have the power to make people’s lives just that much worse. I exercised this power once unwittingly and without intention a couple of days ago, and with intention to avoid a situation I found myself Saturday morning. Both times, I do regret to some degree doing, but the incident Saturday Morning (which could probably be best described as stubbornness) was done out of necessity. I don’t break vows. I just don’t.

While Friday Night/Saturday Morning, with an extremely good party, extremely good alcohol, and extremely good friends, was an absolute de-stressor for me, its Labor Day weekend that I am looking forward to. Oklahoma City and the OKC metro area will be left in moral tatters for sure.

Johnny Rumble

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