Saturday, August 23, 2008

Johnny Rumble:

Oi Oi, Mr. Professer of Creative Writing

I read the little outline you gave me for this letter, and then promptly threw it in the garbage. So I’m not green, sue me. And I don’t follow directions either. I’m too punk rock for that anyway. But you asked to get to know me, and I can appreciate that. So I’m going to give a small treat to snack on. Or a small pebble. I’m random like that. I’m doing this completely off the cuff. No edited thoughts. Period. Okay, so maybe it’s a small boulder.

1.) I have no aspirations to be a professional writer.

I’m no where good enough to even think about that. Sure, I might have A fan-boy, but that’s nothing. So instead I just write for myself. I keep it private and all the family. Extended, non-blood, adopted, you-me-him-and-her included. By the way, how old is Lauren anyway? That outfit she showed up Wednesday was hot. Capital H, lowercase O, lowercase t, lowercase t hot. Anyway…

I think it would be cool if I saw your head spontaneously combust into flames after reading one of my pieces. Problem is, I don’t think I got anything better after 6 Gallons of Serial Head Fuck. I’ve been toying with something completely random and off the wall called either pornocopia, Pornation nation, or 3 iNCHS oF cRONIC cOCK aCHE…



Where did that come from?

I swear to you and your god, that was completely random. I had it typed out before I even knew what I was typing.

But I’m going to try to keep it clean while still really screwed up. No sex, no drugs. Maybe just some random blows to the testicles. And a penguin. And God. Again.

I learned last laughmester not to walk into this class with expectations. So I have none. But this one seems to be gelling quite nicely. Everybody fits in like a piece to a jigsaw puzzle. And I think this good. It should be a good semester, no doubt. So really, I have no goals this time around other than to have a good time and not take anything too seriously. Seriousness is a kill joy. And I’m riding my high all that way to the finish line. Like a flying couch. Snoopy’s got nothing on this trip.

Point 8.) I’m graduating this semester.

Wait, don’t breathe a sigh of relief yet. I’ll be around next semester again. Won’t that be exciting…


Johnny Rumble

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