Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Shillelagh Law

Somedays I wish I was a better writer than I really am.  I compare my writings, my musings, and my stories to those of Sean Santa, Tatsuya Ishida, Rob the Bouncer and countless others, and compare my lyrical stylings to practically everyone, and find the I routinely come up short in terms of over all "goodness."  I respect and admire these people because they can wrap words around thier fingers like they were made of Twizzlers and make thier own come out so delicious.  Writers so good, they can create whole worlds with just a few strokes of the keyboard. My stories and expirences may be amusing and worth a laugh to some, but these artists are capable of so much more than I.  I envy them to some degree.

Then I think about this for a while, and I eventually come to the conclusion that they are in fact super-human writers, incapable of creating terrible works, impossible of screwing everything to hell.  I, on the other hand, am completely capable of this. 
I use Google for words I can't spell.  What kind of fuck uses Google for spell check?
Instead, my writing style is horribly chaoic, sprinkled with cuss words like that of above for added flavour, and then try to use British spellings to make me seem more learned.  I talk about love, people, relationships, anything that comes to mind, with out any sort of managment to thoughts and management and thoughts and managment...  Perhaps this is my strong suit however.  The ability to capture exactly what's flowing in the grey matter as my fingers hunt and peek the keys with the practiced efficiency of a 12 year old.  I had to Google 'efficiency.'  Pathetic.
But perhaps the errors and mistakes tell us something.  Maybe it tells us that the monkey behind the screen is really just a human looking for an outward expansion of his thoughts and feelings and emotions.  Maybe it shows us that we, and I, are just humans looking for that piece of happiness in our territory.


  1. ei John,
    remember that 99% sweat or whatever? it will work, believe me...

    maybe, you need a good thesaurus, as in the book. i invest on it from time to time although like you, i'd still see the day i'd come up with something worth dangling in front of publishers, lol

  2. Dude man I google shit non-stop which may be my problem, but hey at least I can focus when on holiday. ok back to writing(2 whole pages in a day)