Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Johnny Rumble:

I've always been interested in getting tattooed. Really tattooed. Not just an arm inking and small back tattoo. I mean REALLY tattooed with good stylings and real messages.

Messages that would acctually make anybody who read them to stand up and go "woah."

The first tattoo I ever thought of getting was a three stage tattoo on the sides of my skull and over my heart. On the left side would the Polish Flag for the analytical side of my life and the right side witht he creative thinking would have the Welsh Flag.  Over my heart would the Scottish Saltire and Lion Rampart on crossed poles.  Right below that would be my sporting love of West Ham United F.C. in a simple grey scale theme with maybe some light color highlights.

After finding out about how the Japanese did thier traditional tattooing, I have desired a traditionally done Lotus flower on the inside of my right ankle.  The subtle shading differences and complete lack of powered tattooing guns is something that intrigues me as a bit of a art appreciator.

The really big one that I've been wanting to get for the past year or so would take up my entire back.  A full color tribute to UN Peacekeepers.  I would take the classic fallen solider memorial of boots and rifle, but use a blue helmet with the UN logo on the side in place of the standard camoflague helmet.  The background would be the United Nations flag, and as the third and final layer, a word for word copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a spacer between the memorial and the flag.  This would a tattoo that would take up the entire back. 

Finally, I think I would get a pair of bright lipstick pink lips on my left butt cheek.  Just to round out the entire package.  Maybe I'd also get "P-U-N-X R-I-O-T" on my fingers in black light ink for the hell of it.

Either way, it's money.

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