Sunday, August 17, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Testical Sweater

"Hey, I got a question.  Have you ever shaved your pubic hair into a mohawk?"

I laughed.  Hard.  "Into a mohawk?  No.  Other things though."

"Like what?"

"And why do you want to know?"

She didn't have a good answer.  "Ummm...because?"

"Lemme think."  I took a swing of my beer.  "A heart.  I did a heart once.  Had a little curly tail too.  There was a Cross-Bones once.  I tried to do a skull, but I fucked that up royally.  Umm...shit, I did a pot leaf once.  Or at least tried."  I took another drink before nearly spewing it all over the table, "Oh, there was the time I did the anarchy symbol.  I was proud of that one.  Took me half a damn hour.  After ward I named it.  'Captain Anarchy and the Boy-Penis.'"

She gave me THAT look.

"What?  Some times the testical sweater needs to trimmed..."

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  1. i am not sure where to put "unbelievable!" either here or on the newer post about tattoos. so, you have 'em? & who earned the money?
    BTW, i posted a comment earlier while logged in my gmail account--- that's "lounger." the offer stands, I'd do something for your girl if you just ask me to...