Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, whats going on...

Well first things first, May as well start off...Hull City have won their first ever Premierleague game, and looked solid overall so thats a super duper plus. Oh and John should be happy, Hammers won too, with Ashton scoring even, and get this..twice. So yer on to other important stuff. I'm going on vacation this next week, then I come back and drive down to school for start of term. I got four pages done in Canada and will continue writing in Cancun with dad, so far reaction has been postive to the first 3 pages with page for being crap(had to end it for plane ride) So I'm gonna start there when on vacation.

Secondly I am trying out ubuntu and can actually watch videos on youtube theres sound...but I think that was because I had pidgin running, not sure might have to test this some how. Though I do kinda like Fedora 9 and am used to it. Ubuntu help seems target to the Noob, and as much as I sell myself short, I'm not some moron who has to be told to read the fucking book first, thanks but did that before I popped into IRC. SO yeah Look for another update by me with the full introduction in the first two weeks of September- there I did i set a date.

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