Thursday, September 04, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
Better Than Marysville

"Measure Your Success"

I got back today from probably the most relaxing and invigorating vacation I have ever had.  I don't remember some of it, it was that good.  Sadly, I'm starting to think that maybe I do slam the alcohol too much.

But, that is not the topic of this post.  This post is about this place.  And all it's terminal Hospital White-ness.  The black scheme was starting to annoy me.  This place has been black since February of 2006.  It's time to go white and harmonic and heavenly.  In a demonic sort of fashion naturally.

"The only thing keeping the halo up is a set of horns"

So I pretty much did hook up with my ex-girlfriend, for all purposes of telling pub stories.  It was good to get a little action after a long time since.  I don't regret it at all, which is really kind of weirding me out.  I always regret to some manner of bedroom antics.  Maybe it's because I wasn't in my bedroom, or her bedroom.  Just a bedroom.  The garage bedroom to be exact.  Uncommital and unregretable when people don't have to lie on the same sheets attached to the same mattress in the same room the next day.

Speaking of which, I've been getting that itch to completely re-shuffle my room again.  Don't ask why, cause I can't tell you.

I've decided to expand the Six Gallons story into a Seven part 'ballad/skunky opera.'  Everything will connect to everything, if not related and if not making sense.  So look for that probably in it's entirety around the turn of the month.  Here's a teaser for you...the writer is an active character that calls himself I, being I.


Johnny Rumble

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  1. jesus, you've improved like a new coat of white paint on a 3rd world cell wall... i wont be surprised to one day (and it seems it just keeps getting nearer) learn you've started making it