Thursday, September 11, 2008

Johnny Rumble:

You hear a gunshot, and you freeze just stand still for those few moments it takes to process, but it’s too late that guy you were about to pass is on the ground, and there’s red stuff leaking from him there’s another shot and another and the only thing you can think about it is getting down getting small but what about that guy you grab his collar and pull and pull and pull until he starts moving and you drag and drag and you hear more gun shots and hear a few hammer taps on the dumpster you’re trying to get behind you duck your head you keep pulling trying to get there trying to get to safety pulling that guy behind you and finally you’re there safe behind metal more hammer taps and you look down and there’s a pool of red all around you you look at the guy and he bleeding you hear the screech of tires but he’s just bleeding all the fucking place so much blood so much blood and you try to stop the bleeding but it’s all over the place on your hands on your boots on your cell phone and the 911 operator is trying to talk to you to keep you calm but there’s so much blood and you’re trying to save him trying to stop the bleeding putting pressure on the wound and you know that he’s dying but you try and he’s gargling something at you you tell him its going to be okay but there so much blood and you know better and 911 is still talking and he gargles more blood coming out of his mouth he holding on to you pulling and fighting to stay here you talk to him tell him not quit living and he bleeds more and more until there’s nothing he stops moving stops bleeding stops gargling and his hand lets go of your shirt and you know you know he’s gone but you just look at him keeping pressure on the wound, still trying crying now trying to save this man this guy but he’s gone his eyes lifeless, empty of life and 911 is now screaming on the phone trying to get you to listen, and the blood is pooled at your knees, but you tell them not to hurry, he’s gone now, as you close his dead eyes for the final time and look at him, you fish through your pockets looking for pennies, but all you have is a couple of nickels, and you wonder if the boatman has change. But it’s all you can do, just look at the nickels.

The carnage in front of you is too much.

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  1. i am SOOO sorry i made the title the same as yours!! i'd be really pissed if it were me so apologies apologies =\
    if i could change it i would, but the url is already there etc etc etc.... sorry again =[
    anyways your blogs seem cool, i'm gonna check them out.