Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Johnny Rumble:
This is Your Brain on College

My college carrer has never been one of glorious grades, or awesome clubs, or even wild out-of-control parties.  I've always kept to myself, and distanced my desk away from others.  I continue to watch and learn, try to understand, and ultimatly either fail or succeed at whatever I'm studing at the time.

Presently, this focus has been "others."  Outsiders, if you will.

Those people that fall into catagories that may or may not exist, but are somehow shunned by society due to thier physical apperance, thier ideas and thoughts, or just the way they walk and talk.  I'm amazed at how society has negelected these others, when it should be the other way around.  Watching, listening and talking with The Others has provided a great amount of insight into how the world really functions, and why toilets flush counter-clockwise in Australia.  These Others are brilliant masters at thinking and analysing the situations around them.

Eccentrics are also Others.  At least, the really odd ball eccentrics.  Militants enviromentalists fall into this catagory.  But I'm not going to talk about them.  I like my house too much to see it burned.  But those eccentrics that have the insane ability to make thier own clothes from scratch, and make them look as good, or better, than the store bought versions.  I especcially love the eccentrics that are eccentric at many different things.  Interior decoration and design, automotive engineering, fashion, art, scale modeling...imagine an Other that became not only knowledgeable, but skilled in all these areas of study!  How fabulous it would be to both observe and talk to this Other!

Unfortunatly, I'm in college, and as such, I have the displeasure of watching an entire groups of Others become reshaped into something more marketable and professional.  Certainly, there are few that can make it through and get degrees and go on to have excellent carrers doing exactly what they desire to in life, but how many peoples dreams and eccentricites are lost in the pursuit of a degree that will only tell a potential employer five, ten, fiveteen years down the road that the person is "trainable."

I'm starting to view the world, not a place to let dreams fly wild, where innovations superceed staid works, but as a 9-5 heartache, with all the lovely bits stored in a garage in the suburbs, waiting, like little children, to awaken and become different and engaging once again.


Johnny Rumble


  1. Ya know I was kinda always trying to change, either completely or in some small measure to be more normal. I craved Normalcy, well kinda do I guess. But I know that I have good friends and that I'm me, the singing the goofyness, I need to channel it constructively not get rid of it completely.


  2. hey, it just keeps getting better you're actually getting inside some "other's" grey matter! this is cool

  3. Jumping inside somebody else is all I live for these days.