Monday, October 13, 2008

Ya know what?

Yeah I know, I can't write..well not true, I know what I want to say, the plan rather. Actually writing the damn thing down is harder then it seems. So yeah, on that note, more for you to ponder.

Talk too much,
Always running in a rush.

You never know
What's going on.

So Open up those eyelids
Clean out your ears.

All those lies build up
We've got to break them down.

friends are all around
Feeling down?
Stop staring at the ground!

Erm so yeah heres another one...

Your just another obnoxious kid
With fucked up prioities
Look at you
Yell, scream and shout.
Yell, scream and shout.

The bullshit goes around
Everyone falls down.
Puking all night
Do you have control?

Running around
Around all hours.
Plaster that grin
All over your face.
Your still in the old rat race.

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