Sunday, November 02, 2008

Johnny Rumble:

I love my boots. Correction, I fuck/love my boots. They're heavy, they're solid, and they're steel toed elements of cabinet destruction (amongst other things). I wear them to work, to school, to shows, around down, to play in the mud, and on Thursday nights.

My boots should be cleaned, but the dirt, the mud, bits of dog shit, and torn and abused leather top covering all tell stories abot where my boots have been, tell a story of what they have done, and the story of whose boots they've been knocking against.

I could tell you that Lee Hazlewood penned out the famous lyrics about my boots, but it was before thier time. My boots show an irreverence for shoes. They mock them at night.

One woman complains about my boots.

"Do you always wear your boots?"

"Three-sixty-four days a year."

"Well, take them off and come to bed."

Stamped and Oi! approved,

Johnny Rumble

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